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Whether you realize it or not, there is quite a bit of framer bashing that goes on in the movie poster collecting hobby. Some of it is justified ... BUT quite a bit isn't.

This section is designed to give you an insiders' knowledge of the movie poster collecting hobby so you can apply your training and knowledge to take you out of the circle of 'framer bashing' and put you in a 'recommended framer' catagory as far as we're concerned.

Oh, you think there's no difference in handling movie posters over any other paper collectible?? When someone brings you in a piece to be framed... do you even inquire about it's value???? do you know whether this piece of paper is worth $10 or $10,000??? And don't say that you would handle them the same.

To do a decent job, you have to have at least an idea of what you're dealing with....so

The first step is to be able to tell, what is collectible and what isn't. To get an idea if you would know or not......
STOP for a moment and do exactly what we tell beginners to do... Look up on the NAVBAR on the left of the Home page and Take Our Test. It's only 20 questions and we don't record the results - it's just for your personal knowledge and will only take a minute.

No, really go ahead....I'll be right here when you get back.


OK, honestly, how did you do? NO, I said HONESTLY....

Now that you see there's all types of variations (and that's only a touch) then let's try to attack this and come up with some solutions for you.

From my end... I hear constantly the tale of how a poster was acquired a few years ago, it was taken to a framer and they (you) dry mounted it and ruined it..... or something to that effect and a whole line of framer bashing follows. (very similar to the stories about picking a lawyer, you don't know how good they are until they've lost the case and you're told who you should have gone to)

After having a retail store myself, I understand that even though no matter how many times you explain a situation, when there's a problem, the more the story's told, the more it was totally your fault.

We feel our job is to try to explain and educate the poster collector on one side to help eliminate problems AND even though you may not be a poster collector... and are probably NOT interested in becoming one, if we can get YOU where you know WHEN to check more and direct you to the area that you need THEN once you know what you're dealing with, you can use your training to intelligently present the options to your customer as the EXPERT with the confidence that you're protecting his collectible AND making yourself look better at the same time.

We have put together a Framers Package... with a Crash Course on the do's and don't plus a lot more. If you're interested or want to know more, contact me at:




This section is for reference use. Images found on this site are property of L.A.M.P. and are for reference purposes only with NO rights implied or given. See LAMP Disclaimer
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