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Press stills are standard 8" x 10" glossy photographs, normally black & white. They can be the film's stars and/or crew either from scenes in the movie or on the movie set during the production of the film.

There is usually some type of descriptive information included on the press still that explains who is in the photo and what the photo represents. Sometimes the studios will type the description on a separate sheet of paper and staple it to the back side of the still.

The press still also have a studio still number which is normally printed into the still itself which identifies the still.

Quite often they will include the NSS number and studio information on the bottom right... but not always.

They are normally included as part of a press kit which can contain a set of stills. Every presskit is different with a varying number of press stills from 1 (especially in the mini presskit) to over 30.


The use of press stills as a promotional tool dates to the earliest of films. Long before posters, press stills were extensively used by the earliest nickelodeons as a form of advertising featured flicks.


Press stills are normally included in a press kit, and press kits are very sought-after by collectors. Even on their own, press stills offer an inexpensive alternative to collecting larger sizes of movie art.





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