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How to Ship

One of the worst feelings a collector can have is to purchase a poster that they really want, send the money and wait and wait, for it finally to arrive and -- it's damaged!! Knowing the proper way to ship is important to any collector, whether you are buying or selling.

The rule of thumb is: package EVERY item like it's an egg and you expect it to go for a ride on a bucking bronco.

Flat Pieces

Whether it is one or a half dozen, neatly place the poster in a folded poster bag and fold the top and tape it closed.  You can fold the bag snug around the poster and tape it on the outsides. Masking tape is good for this as it comes off easier without tearing the bag.

Find 2 pieces of stiff cardboard – the stiffer the better. Cut the 2 stiff pieces of cardboard the same size and inch or so larger on each side than the bag dimensions. For example, if the snug bag is 11x14, then cut the cardboard around 12x16.

Lay the bagged poster in the center of one piece of the cardboard and going diagonal across each corner, tape the bagged poster onto the cardboard. (Posters that are sent without being bagged or taped can move around during shipping and get caught on the shipping tape and damaged.)

If you plan to frequently ship posters, then I suggest that you buy 13x18 cardstock envelopes. You can then simply slip the boarded poster(s) above inside, close, seal and label. You can then pre-cut your stiff cardboard pieces to make it a lot quicker to package for shipping.

If not, make sure that the sealed cardboard doesn’t bend. If it does give, add another piece, until there is no bend in the package.

Stand the boarded poster(s) on end and run a strip of shipping tape down each side, taping the cardboard pieces tightly together. This seals out moisture and makes the package more secure.

Take a piece of brown Kraft paper or equivalent and wrap it like a Christmas package and label. Be sure to have the shipper stamp on it “Do Not Bend”. And there you have it.


Rolled Pieces

For rolled items, you need to take extra precaution. One of the best ways is to roll the poster and wrap it in paper or plastic. Put it in a hard tube and pack paper or plastic all around the poster and on both ends until it can't move. Be careful not to damage the ends.

Then place the hard tube inside your shipping tube and do the same thing. Then once the tube caps are in place, tape all the way round and seal the cap onto the tube.

This creates a package that will rarely be damaged. But when it is, the person getting the item sees that you did everything that you could to ship it correctly.

This method of shipping costs a little more. If the customer doesn't want to pay for the additional packing, keep one thing in mind. If you have to cut down anywhere in the shipping materials, be sure that the poster is placed in the package correctly and doesn't rattle when you shake it. Quality packaging brings its own rewards with less complaints, less problems, less damage and more attention to how you handle your business.

Treated like trash - perceived as trash


If you are shipping by the US Post Office: The post office does give free shipping supplies. Priority and Express tape is extremely helpful and can save you quite a bit of money. They will also supply you with free boxes, labels and triangle tubes.....

Take advantage of them - BUT - the triangle tube that the Post Office supplies IS NOT heavy enough without putting your poster inside of a strong cardboard tube first and then put the tube inside the triangle and add packing to stabilize it.

What if you purchase a poster and not sure that the seller knows how to package a movie poster?

This problem comes up quite often when purchasing blindly over the internet auctions. In your conversation, include a link to this page in case they're not familiar with shipping movie posters.


This section is for reference use. Images found on this site are property of L.A.M.P. and are for reference purposes only with NO rights implied or given. See LAMP Disclaimer
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