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The grandfather of the movie awards, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) bestows this award in the form of 'The Oscar'®. This most coveted and prestigious award is the most commonly mentioned on movie posters. Even the nominations for an "Oscar" are normally proclaimed. This annual award is given for the previous year, for example, the 2004 awards are given out for films released in 2003.

To honor the films that have earned the most coveted of these awards, we have assembled the largest selection of images of "Best Picture" movie posters from around the world ever presented. Simply click on the title and you will be taken into the Movie Poster Data Base to see the selection of posters for that title. We also have reputable dealers from around the world that have some of these posters for sale. Look for the green $ if you are in the market to purchase a particular poster.

some titles are long, please be patient.
Others had to be divided, be sure to check the Release History.

5/16/29 1927/28 WINGS, Paramount Famous Lasky
4/3/30 1928/29 THE BROADWAY MELODY, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
11/5/30 1929/30 ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT, Universal
11/10/31 1930/31 CIMARRON, RKO Radio
11/16/32 1931/32 GRAND HOTEL, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
3/16/34 1932/33 CAVALCADE, Fox
2/27/35 1934 IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT, Columbia
3/5/36 1935 MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
3/4/37 1936 GREAT ZIEGFELD, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
3/10/38 1937 LIFE OF EMILE ZOLA, Warner Bros
2/23/39 1938 YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU, Columbia
2/29/40 1939 GONE WITH THE WIND, Selznick International Pictures; Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
2/27/41 1940 REBECCA, Selznick International Pictures; Allied Artists
2/26/42 1941 HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY, 20th Century Fox
3/4/43 1942 MRS. MINIVER, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
3/2/44 1943 CASABLANCA, Warner Bros.
3/14/45 1944 GOING MY WAY, Paramount
3/7/46 1945 LOST WEEKEND, Paramount
3/13/47 1946 BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES, Samuel Goldwyn; RKO Radio
3/20/48 1947 GENTLEMAN'S AGREEMENT, 20th Century Fox
3/24/49 1948 HAMLET, J. Arthur Rank-Two Cities; Universal-International (United Kingdom)
3/23/50 1949 ALL THE KING'S MEN, A Robert Rossen Prod.; Columbia
3/29/51 1950 ALL ABOUT EVE, 20th Century Fox
3/20/52 1951 AN AMERICAN IN PARIS, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
3/19/53 1952 GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH, Cecil B. DeMille; Paramount
3/25/54 1953 FROM HERE TO ETERNITY, Columbia
3/30/55 1954 ON THE WATERFRONT, Horizon-American Corp.; Columbia
3/21/56 1955 MARTY, Hecht and Lancaster's Steven Prods.; United Artists
3/27/57 1956 AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS, Michael Todd Co., Inc.; United Artists
3/26/58 1957 BRIDGE ON RIVER KWAI, A Horizon Picture; Columbia
4/6/59 1958 GIGI, Arthur Freed Prods., Inc.; Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
4/4/60 1959 BEN-HUR, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
4/17/61 1960 APARTMENT, The Mirisch Co., Inc.; United Artists
4/9/62 1961 WEST SIDE STORY, Mirisch Pictures, Inc. and B and P Enterprises, Inc.; United Artists
4/8/63 1962 LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, Horizon Pictures, Sam Spiegel-David Lean Prod.; Columbia
4/13/64 1963 TOM JONES, Woofall Production; United Artists-Lopert Pictures
4/5/65 1964 MY FAIR LADY, Warner Bros.
4/18/66 1965 SOUND OF MUSIC, Argyle Enterprises Production; 20th Century Fox
4/10/67 1966 A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS, Highland Films, Ltd.; Columbia
4/10/68 1967 IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT, Mirisch Corp; United Artists
4/14/69 1968 OLIVER!, Romulus Films, Ltd.; Columbia
4/7/70 1969 MIDNIGHT COWBOY, Jeron Hellman-John Schlesinger Production; United Artists
4/15/71 1970 PATTON, 20th Century Fox
4/10/72 1971 FRENCH CONNECTION, Philip D'Antoni; Schine-Moore Productions; 20th Century Fox
3/27/73 1972 GODFATHER, Albert S. Ruddy Production; Paramount
4/2/74 1973 STING, Universal-Bill/Philips-George Roy Hill Film
4/8/75 1974 GODFATHER, PART II, A Coppola Company Production; Paramount
3/29/76 1975 ONE FLEW OVER CUCKOO'S NEST, Fantasy Films Production; United Artists
3/28/77 1976 ROCKY, Robert Chartoff-Irwin Winkler Production; United Artists
4/3/78 1977 ANNIE HALL, Jack Rollins-Charles H. Joffe Productions; United Artists
4/9/79 1978 DEER HUNTER, EMI Films/Michael Cimino Film Production; Universal
4/14/80 1979 KRAMER VS. KRAMER, Stanley Jaffe Productions; Columbia
3/31/81 1980 ORDINARY PEOPLE, A Wildwood Enterprises Production; Paramount
3/29/82 1981 CHARIOTS OF FIRE, Enigma Productions Ltd.; Ladd Company/Warner Bros.
4/11/83 1982 GANDHI, An Indo-British Films Production; Columbia
4/9/84 1983 TERMS OF ENDEARMENT, James L. Brooks Production; Paramount
3/25/85 1984 AMADEUS. Saul Zaentz Company Production; Orion
3/24/86 1985 OUT OF AFRICA, Universal Pictures Limited Production; Universal
3/30/87 1986 PLATOON, Herndale Film Production; Orion
4/11/88 1987 LAST EMPEROR; Herdale Film Production; Columbia
3/29/89 1988 RAIN MAN, A Guber-Peters Company Production; United Artists
3/26/90 1989 DRIVING MISS DAISY, Zanuck Company Production; Warner Bros.
3/25/91 1990 DANCES WITH WOLVES, Tig Production; Orion
3/30/92 1991 SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, Strong Heart/Demme Production; Orion
3/29/93 1992 UNFORGIVEN, Warn Bros.
3/21/94 1993 SCHINDLER'S LIST, Universal Pictures/Amblin Entertainment Production
3/27/95 1994 FORREST GUMP, Steve Tisch/Wendy Finerman Production; Paramount
3/25/96 1995 BRAVEHEART, Icon Production/Ladd Company Production; Paramount
3/24/97 1996 ENGLISH PATIENT, Tiger Moth Production; Miramax
3/23/98 1997 TITANIC, Lightstorm Entertainment Production; 20th Century Fox and Paramount
3/21/99 1998 SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE, Miramaz Films; Universal Pictures; Bedfrd Falls Company Prod.
3/25/00 1999 AMERICAN BEAUTY, Jinks/Cohen Company Production; DreamWorks
3/25/01 2000 GLADIATOR, Douglas Wick; Scott Free Production; DreamWorks and Universal
3/24/02 2001 A BEAUTIFUL MIND, Universal Pictures and Imagine Entetainment Production; DreamWorks
3/23/03 2002 CHICAGO, Circle Co., Zadan/Meron Production; Miramax
2/27/05 2004 MILLION DOLLAR BABY, Warner Bros.

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