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April, 2009

L'Imagerie Show
Coming May 16th-20th 2009

Since Debi has moved to her new LARGER gallery, she can now have LARGER SHOWS ... and this looks like a GREAT ONE!

Chet Zar and his father James Zar have worked in a variety of areas in the film TV industry .... here are some of their credits:

DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK  - Creature design.
designs, sculpting on “Thing”
HELLBOY 2: THE GOLDEN ARMY- Creature design, sculpting, painting.
ONE MISSED CALL - Creature design, sculpture and painting.
X MEN 3 - Character design
FANTASTIC FOUR - Sculpting and painting for “Thing”.
THE RING 2 - Sculpture
HAUNTED MANSION - Ghost design, sculpting, painting and puppeteering.
HELLBOY - Hellboy arm design, sculpture and painting.
THE RING - Painting and sculpture.
MEN IN BLACK II - Creature design, sculpture, painting.
PLANET OF THE APES - Ape design, sculpture and painting.
THE GRINCH - Painting.

ME, MYSELF AND IRENE - Sculpture and painting.
THREE KINGS - Sculpting, painting, prosthetic application and
puppteering of gut rig.
THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY - Sculpture and painting.
BATMAN AND ROBIN - Artistic supervision, sculpture and painting of
lifelike silicone silicone frozen people.
CONTACT - Specialty prop design.
ACE VENTURA II - Sculpture, painting and puppeteering of gorilla
ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES - Painting and puppeteering
TOOL - Schism- Make up effects supervisor, design, sculpture,
painting, prosthetic application and body painting.
TOOL - Parabola- Make up effects supervisor, design, sculpture,
painting, prosthetic application and body painting. 3d digital
modeling for stop motion puppet.
SYSTEM OF A DOWN - Spiders- Make up effects and body painting.
ER - Sculpture and painting of 3d realistic babies.
MAD ABOUT YOU - Sculpture, painting and puppeteering of realistic baby double

If you're in the Los Angeles area, you DON'T won't to miss this chance to meet and talk with this talented father - son team.



We told Bruce that we would give his buyers in his Mini-Major Sale a REAL special. Since Bruce helped with our upcoming National Screen Service book that is due out this coming fall, we thought that it would be appropriate to let HIS buyers have a Special look at the compilation of his part of the NSS book FOR FREE!!

In this first stage of the preparation of the new NSS book, we compiled the 1999 NSS log that Bruce had acquired with the 15,000 NSS numbers that we had already compiled on LAMP. We have already finished 4 1/2 DECADES of this compilation and is already ONLINE and AVAILABLE. We are scheduled to be completely through with the first stage of compilation by the end of April.

So WELCOME all those coming from the eMoviePoster sale. We hope you enjoy the access to the NSS logs. AND in addition, we have given complete access to all of the additional Advanced Research that we have on LAMP.. SO, JUMP IN and LOOK AROUND, there is a LOT more there than you think. And we hope you enjoy and utilize the additional information.

We believe that the information produced in this project will have a MAJOR impact on the poster industry. For more on the NSS project, click here.



Bruce also asked me to mention his new Face Off game on the front of his website. It's a weekly poll that you'll enjoy playing.

In addition, we have a new area on LAMP called Intermission, for when you don't feel like working and nothing is going on. I've put the framework online in the Member Section on the Member Welcome page. It's still in the construction stage but there's still enough there to waste an hour or 2.



We announced this about 3 weeks ago, but it was AFTER our newsletter for last month, so we wanted to at least bring it up again. It was all Heritages fault. Heritage produced 69 sales above $5000 (including 1 in the top 10 - #5) in their March '09 auction alone. EACH one of those had to be updated in our charts. (I think Heritage did that on purpose just to give me more work). So I added about 500 to the list that I've been waiting to add. So BE SURE and take a look - TOP SELLING POSTERS.

ALSO, Sue put together a You Tube Video of 25 of the Top Selling Posters EVER... and we think you will like it... So if you HAVEN'T seen it, TAKE A LOOK and let us know what you think.




Yes, the new Movie Studio Production Code Log is on schedule and due out in June 2009.

WAIT!! Haven't we put this out before??? NO, NOT LIKE THIS!! - This book has New Format - MORE production code numbers - MORE studios AND CHEAPER PRICE. 

Last year we put out the 2008 US Movie Studio Production Code Book. A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BOOK.

AND We're announcing A GREAT ADVANCE SALE PRICE. If you have production stills YOU WANT TO TAKE A LOOK AT THIS!

Here is a breakdown of the difference AND OUR SPECIAL OFFER THAT'S ONLY GOOD FROM APRIL 15 - JUNE 1.


75,000 IMAGES online in our archive!

YES, we keep on adding. OK.. I can already hear some saying that there are several databases on the internet with a LOT more images. AND YES.. THAT'S TRUE. But REMEMBER WHY WE'RE HERE... NOT for just the pretty pictures. Every poster image is cross referenced from a multitude directions. Tell ANY of the other poster databases to sort their posters by a particular PRINTER, or by a censor mark. Ask ANY of the other poster databases to sort by a genre, or ONLY by Anniversary posters...or by distributor... OR by a particular decade AND a particular artist, AND size AT THE SAME TIME ..... We have hundreds of sortable parameters. We think that the poster industry DESERVES MORE than just pretty pictures. Unfortunately it takes longer to load the images .. BUT .. THAT'S  why we can proudly say, WE ARE THE LARGEST CROSS-REFERENCED POSTER ARCHIVE ON THE INTERNET.



HERE WE GO AGAIN!!! We're always tackling IMPOSSIBLE tasks and areas that everyone else RUNS AWAY FROM. And we're starting ANOTHER one.

It has been reported that 80 % of ALL silent films have been LOST FOREVER. The stance that we are taking at LAMP is... if the FILM is LOST, then the accessories become the MOST IMPORTANT documentation on that film. SO, We want to bring more attention to the material of LOST FILMS!!!! So we have just started TAGGING films that are known to be lost. ONE of the many problems seems to be IDENTIFYING THE LOST FILMS. The academic community is in such DISARAY that it is VERY difficult to get ANY definate answer FROM ANYONE. 

We will continue digging and search for actual LOST films and marking them to let EVERYONE KNOW. When you are in our archive, you will see LOST films tagged as part of the 'GENRE'. Here is a link to the list in our archive... LOST FILMS. There are only 50 or so marked so far, but this is the first step. We will be DRASTICALLY increasing this number on a regular basis. BOOKMARK IT so you can check back in the future.

This leads us to our APPEAL TO COLLECTORS to help us find and document more of this material rare material before IT'S gone TOO!!.


If you love the hobby, PLEASE take the time to read this.

Sue and I have been poster collectors for over 30 years and sincerely love the hobby. Once we closed our retail store and decided to start LAMP in January 2001, we were committed to creating a place to document the hobby, primarily because very little existed out there. We thought that we were fairly knowledgable when we started, but each year we slowly began to realize what a vast amount of information was out there and how little was documented... AND THEN.. what an unbelievable amount was disappearing in front of our eyes. Continue




KinoArt has announced the addition of 230 new posters to their website. These include some of these great titles: The Unknown Window Card (Tod Browning 1927), Bullitt Italian style B 2 panel, Desire Window Card (Dietrich/Cooper 1936), Peeping Tom Italian 1 panel, Funny Face US 3 sheet, Mudhoney rare style 1sh; German posters for titles like La Belle et la Bete, Lawrence of Arabia Style B, Modern Times, Riefenstahls Olympia (50s poster), I Vitelloni (Fellini), British Quads and US 1sheets for 1960s and 1970s classics, a selection of Czech 1 sh posters like Cool Hand Luke, Duel, Once Upon a Time in the West, Jaws, Terminator, various James Bond (British Quads for Man with a Golden Gun, Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker, Japanese Thunderball etc.), Horror/SciFi, and Exploitation and more. Click HERE and go to "New."


If you are in the UK during March, be sure to visit Terry and Sue from quadbod at one of these great shows:

Sat 21/Sun 22 March 2009 – Antiques & Collectors Fair, Shepton Mallet at the Royal Bath & West Showground in Mendip Hall 2

Sat 28/Sun 29 March 2009 – Memorabilia at NEC Birmingham

LAMP's new Learn About International Movie Posters will be available for purchase.

For more information, visit their website HERE.

Reel Art

Here is Reel Art's schedule of events for March, 2009:

Mar. 14, 2009
Collectors Film Convention
Westminster Central Hall
Storey's Gate, SW1
London, England

Mar. 21-22, 2009
Ray Court’s Hollywood
Collectors and Collectibles Show
Chicago Marriott O'Hare Hotel
8535 West Higgins Road
Chicago, Illinois 60631

Mar. 28-29, 2009
Planet Comic-con
Overland Park International Trade Center
115th & Metcalf -- Overland Park, Kansas

In addition, you can read the latest Reel Art newsletter HERE.



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Our archive is SO large and complex that there are literally THOUSANDS of variable sorts that can be performed to find ALL TYPES of information. This is BY FAR, the MOST COMPLEX AND UNIQUE archive on the internet. We are building this extremely complex system to give YOU access to information that you can't find ANYWHERE ELSE.

We have prepared 4 tutorials to show you HOW to utilize our archive better. Now, unfortunately, because of have to see writing on the pages, we have to use a SLOW loading program so it doesn't lose the video quality. It takes 2 to 3 minutes to load a video. So I placed all 4 on the same page so they will all be loading at the same time, so once you view the first video, the others are immediately available.

General Video Tutorials - see new Tutorial Page

Archive - How to Search
Archive - Title Research
Archive - Poster Research
Archive - Advanced Research


Sponsor Video Tutorial on How to List Your Posters- see Sponsor Section

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