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Production Code Basics

Production Code Basics – For Movie Still Collectors is the first reference book written on how to use movie still production codes to help identify unknown movie stills and costumes

This LAMP Booklet is crammed with information that you can't find anywhere else

Movie Stills Identification Book
Over 45,000 movie studio production codes to help identify unknown movie, short, portrait, studio and television stills. A MUST HAVE for ANYONE trying to identify movie stills. AVAILABLE HERE!

LAMP's Learn About International Movie Posters presents a closer look at the film industry in major countries INCLUDING the U.S., from the viewpoint of the poster collectors. It looks at the history of cinema in each country, firsts in their movie industry, markings on their posters, etc. AVAILABLE HERE!

Learn About Movie Posters
by Ed and Susan Poole

This book is designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced collectors and is the most comprehensive published work on movie poster collecting ever compiled. It contains over 400 full size pages of information and tons of photos and illustrations on every aspect of collecting. AVAILABLE HERE!

National Screen Service Poster & Assessories Number Log
This book covers 50 years of NSS poster and accessory numbers from their beginning with the numbering of posters and accessories in 1940 until their change in numbering systems in 1990. AVAILABLE HERE!
NSS Trailer Log
This book is for ANYONE doing research into studios and reissues between 1930-1962. This log identifies and dates the minor distributors that reissued so many of the films during that time period by the making of their trailers.  Compiled in 3 formats for easy research. AVAILABLE HERE!

by Ed and Susan Poole

For those that love research or those that wonder about the legalities or even those who just want to know how everything worked... This is for YOU!

This LAMP Booklet is crammed with information that you can't find anywhere else

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Collecting Movie Posters: An Illustrated Reference Guide to Movie Art-Posters, Press Kits, and Lobby Cards by Ed and Susan Poole
released in 1997

"clearly written.... Helpful illustrations cover all key points and help to define terms"
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"the most thorough and easy to understand text on this subject" The Silents Majority On-Line Journal...

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The first complete history of British film posters ever published, covers every aspect of design, printing, and display, and includes detailed biographies of all the major artists. The book explores illustrated film posters from their emergence in the late Victorian period as an offshoot of the variety/theatrical posters of the period, to the rapid decline of the illustrated, or handpainted, tradition in the mid-1980s, and to the subsequent arrival of computer desktop publishing.

Miller's Movie Collectibles
by Rudy Franchi, Barbara Franchi

Movie Collectibles is a comprehensive guide to the area of collecting movie memorabilia. Concentrating on posters, the book is divided into genres such as Film Noir, Disney & Other Animation, Movie Stars, James Bond, and Star Wars, and following the progression of cinema from the early days of silent film through to modern re-releases of old classics.