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What about smaller pieces?

These are a lot easier to handle. Let's look at the mini-lobby cards (8x10 on card stock) and the regular lobby cards (11x14 on card stock).

The easiest way to preserve these is with sleeves, very similar to the sleeves that hold baseball cards.

These are one big pocket for either 8x10's or 11x14's. They're inexpensive, easy to handle, easy to store and easy to carry.

This also works on pressbooks and any small flat collectible. You can either store your sleeves in a storage box, where you can alphabetize them, or you can get a binder.

Collector binders are available in a variety of types from the 'throw around schoolbook' look, or the 'just like the family photos' look to the fancy leather 'keep your hands off my collection' look .

Bags Unlimited has these in stock for you.

PROS -Very inexpensive and looks a lot nicer. Easy to hang or show and helps protect the pieces. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

CONS - because it is so easy to handle and show it has drawbacks. Can be damaged or stolen easy if you aren't careful where you leave it! It does no good to put it in a binder if you leave the binder out in the weather to get rained on!!


Who has it?

That's what we call the BIG question?
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