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Looking for an inexpensive way?

Did you ever think about displaying a 40x60 or large French sheet (47x63)?

Do you know what framing costs would be??

Can anyone say '2nd mortgage'?

For an inexpensive way to display larger posters we used the shrink-wrap method.

We had to devise a way to display large posters inexpensively and showcase them in the store as well. Here's what you can do.. Go to your nearest framing supply house and look for a sheet of acid free backing board (white). The larger size normally comes in a sheet 48" x 96".

Next, go to a commercial frame shop or anyone who does shrink-wrapping. You want a piece of doubled shrink-wrap (this means they put the item to be shrink-wrapped in-between them and seal it.) at least 28-36 inches wide and about a foot longer than your poster (you might want to get a couple or there are several places that you can buy a roll).

Trim your backing board where it's ½" to 1" larger on each side of your poster to give a border look. Take little pieces of acid free tape and tack down your poster in major points, centering it on your board. Start from one end and work to the other smoothing it as you go. Be sure to have all the wrinkles out and smoothed down with NO dirt or dust on it.

Next carefully lay your board on a table or combination of tables so the edges of the board hang over and you can get to the back side edges of your board.

Very carefully unfold the poster and center the shrink-wrap over your poster and easily brush out the shrink-wrap. Make sure that there are NO dust particles under the shrink-wrap or they will show up later.

Next take regular tape and tack the shrink-wrap edges to the back of the board about every 6 inches. The easiest way is to go down one side tacking the back, then go to the opposite side where you can tighten it a little as you go and tack that side down.
Then go to the end and fold the corner under and tack it down the same and then finally to the opposite end, pulling slightly to tighten the shrink-wrap and tack it down.

Once you've tacked the shrink-wrap to the back on your board, your poster is encased on the board. Next, gently take the encased poster and turn it over with the back side of the board face up on your table.

Take a roll of clear packing tape, the 3" wide is better, and go down with a long strip sealing the shrink-wrap to the board. You don't want any air to get out between the shrink-wrap and the board. Ok we're almost through.

This is the final step and has to be done VERY CAREFULLY. Your board should be able to be stood up on end now with your poster encased on it. Go get your hairdryer. Put it on low heat and stay about 8-12 inches away from the board. Move it back and forth so you're not staying in one spot and you'll notice the shrink wrap starting to 'shrink' and tighten to the poster.

BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO POP THE SHRINK-WRAP. If you do you have to take all the shrink-wrap off, get another piece of shrink-wrap and start all over.

The best thing is to start on the back side that doesn't show to practice on. If you pop a little hole then it doesn't matter as much.
Once you've gone all the way around on the back side then move to the front. Slowly move to different sections of the poster, moving as soon as you see it tighten where there are no more wrinkles. When you've finished it looks like you have glass on the top of your poster.

Next go to a hardware store and look for a pack of mirror holders. They are small 'L' shaped holders that come in a set with a screw for each that holds the mirror onto the dresser. You can look for fancy ones with scrolls or whatever you like.
You can use these to put your shrink-wrapped poster on the wall and looks a lot nicer.

So for under $20 you can TEMPORARILY display your large poster for everyone to see.

'this is a set of 3 one sheets from the movie 'Pearl Harbor' that we shrink-wrapped side by side on one board for a display'

PROS -Very inexpensive and looks excellent for a large piece. Easy to hang or show and helps protect the piece.

CONS -weather affects the shrink-wrap and sometimes causes it to sag. You need to touch-up with hair dryer ever so often to tighten it back up. Also you have to be more careful not to pop the shrinkwrap or it looks terrible.

TIP: Keep it away from outside doors or air-conditioner vents. Variations in temperature causes the fluctuation in the shrink-wrap.





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