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A poster is considered faded when it loses either part or all of its color and/or detail in the artwork.


Fading occurs as the result of a poster being exposed to direct sunlight for long period of time, such as being hung in a window.


Fading is considered a serious poster defect, and the degree and size of the faded area has a direct impact on the value of the poster. As with all other defects, if the artwork is unaffected and the fading appears on the background or border, the poster's value is not significantly diminished. However, if the colors and graphics of the artwork show signs of fading, then the value of the poster will be affected proportionately. SEE GRADING FOR MORE INFORMATION!


Faded posters can be restored to original color by a professional poster restorer who literally repaints the faded areas of the poster.

Here are LAMP Approved restorers:

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