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Poster Restoration Certificate

For several years there has been a lot of debate over some of the problems with restoration. These debates cover a variety of areas such as:

What did the poster look like before restoration?

Was any paper replaced?

If so, what material was added?

Was backing paper used in the linenbacking?

If so, what kind?

What chemicals were used in the cleaning?

Were any chemicals used in stain removal?

What material was used in any repairs?

How much repainting was done?

Who did the initial restoration?

This was really important for several reasons.

First , in later years, if the original owner had other problems with the poster such as separation of the linen, new damage or weathering problems, this information is needed to present the new restorer to make sure that he doesn't use a conflicting chemical that would destroy the poster.

Second, when the poster was being sold, whether by the owner or an auction house, this became very important and can affect the value that the poster brings as a testament of what was done to the poster.

Third, this information is extremely helpful with insurance claims, tax purposes, or any legal settlements.

LAMP's Stance

For years, we have tried to convince major collectors that a lot of changes needed to be made in this area in the form of a Restoration Code, Restoration Registration and a Restoration Certificate.

Initially, we were going to produce Restoration Certificates for the LAMP Restorers that would stand for a mark of excellence in this area. However, we have had numerous collectors contacting us asking how to document their own restoration efforts.

After considering the potential positive impact that this could have on the hobby, we have decided to make our 3-page LAMP Poster Restoration Certificate available to ALL collectors with the hope that they can use them to document and protect their collectibles.

Poster Restoration Certificate

We are offering our 3-page Poster Restoration Certificates to any collector to use for personal use to take to their restorer to help document the restoration with instructions on how to use them.

IMPORTANT: Take a photo of the poster (preferably front and back) BEFORE you have any restoration work done. Keep the photos to put with your other paperwork.

These forms are 3 pages that you can download and print on your printer.

Page One Instructions

The first page is to document the poster being presented for restoration. A photo of the front and back of the poster should be taken either by the collector or by the restorer.

The name of the restorer should be placed in the blank. The collector's name and date, followed by the information on the poster is just above the description box.

An area is provided to describe any blemishes, tears or marks. IMPORTANT:

Be sure to list any marks from the BACK of the poster such as NSS marks or any other identifying marks or stamps. (Once it's covered, it's too late)

The majority of page one could be filled out by the collector to help cut down on the time spent by the restorer on general ownership information.

Describe any stains

Describe any tears or holes

Describe any tape or trimming

The restorer should sign and date the bottom.

Page One of Poster Restoration Certificate

Page Two & Three Instructions

Page Two leaves an area for the restorer to fill in any chemicals used for cleaning or stain removal and an area to describe any hole repairs or paper replacement.

The bottom of the page should be signed and dated by the restorer.

Page Three leaves an area for the restorer to describe any procedure & material used for linen or paper backing and any color replacement or painting.

The bottom of the page should be signed and dated by the restorer.

If the restorer needs any additional room, it's best to use the back side of the form.

Page Two of Poster Restoration Certificate

Page Three of Poster Restoration Certificate

A photo of the finished poster should be taken and included in the package.

When the invoice is presented by the restorer, as an additional record, it is suggested that the restorer place the invoice number and their initials ON THE BACK OF THE POSTER. This ties this restoration with the invoice.

Notes and Suggestions

First, this will take additional time for the restorer. Normally, a restorer will charge $5-10 for this service. This is time and money well spent... like insurance.

We suggest that you print 2 sets of forms for each poster to be restored in case the restorer wants to keep a copy for himself.

Also print the instructions for each page to take to the restorer to help him understand what you are trying to document.

We suggest that you get something like a manilla envelope and mark the title and year of the poster on the outside. Keep the forms, photos, Restorer INVOICE, Restorer's business card, and any other pertinent info all together in the envelope for future use. This becomes invaluable when you start to sell, value, insure or do any other changes to the poster.

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Here are LAMP Approved restorers:

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