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Unlike other hobbies, there are very few poster appraisers out there that are accepted by the hobby. Most are dealers that buy and sell so they have an interest in purchasing nice pieces. We have listed only one here, because they don't buy and sell anymore and are extremely knowledgable in the hobby. - Rudy Franchi is an appraiser with the Antique Roadshow and has many years experience with movie posters.


This is a very broad and debated area and has to be broken into several categories.

In House Auctions

This is an actual location that you can go see the posters and physically bid on them.

Christie's - This auction house dates back to 1766 and is considered one of the most prestigious auction houses in the world. The London office still handles movie posters.

Heritage - - This auction house started handling movie posters in 2002. Heritage is the most agressive and up to date and has become the dominant In House Auction House for movie posters. They have a Major Quarterly auction and a separate website dedicated just to movie posters.

Julien's - - This auction house started in 2003. Darren Julien has created a great auction house for celebrity, music and movie memorabilia material. They have a quarterly auction with a wide variety of great material.

Internet Auctions

Full Service Internet Auction Service

They take your posters, appraise them, photograph them, list them for sale, collect the money, do the shipping and send you a check.... In other words... they do EVERYTHING for you. - - Dave is fast growing and works real hard to get you top dollar for your poster. - - Bruce Hershenson is the largest seller of movie posters - period. He has a tremendous reputation and a loyal following. Bruce has a tremendous amount of information on his website of all the different categories that he offers as well as a lot of additional information to help collectors.

Heritage - - Heritage also has a weekly auction (which is internet only), and a separate website dedicated just to movie posters.

Julien's Auctions - - Julien's has some great auctions that encompass all types of hollywood memorabilia including posters.

Internet Auctions

These are the actual auctions where people bid. The auction services go through these to sell their consigned material. When you use these, YOU do everything... taking photos, listing, answering, collecting, and shipping. There are numerous smaller internet auctions, but we have listed the 2 primary ones that should be of interest. - Everyone knows eBay.. they have a tremendous amount of traffic...... but on the other hand.... they also have a tremendous amount of problems and crooks that prey on collectors. BUYER BEWARE!! - This is owned by Richard Halugua. The auction is geared strictly for posters and associated areas. The fees are a lot less than other online auctions.

Email Clubs

Bruce Hershenson's Email Club -

Everyone in the hobby knows Bruce. He's the largest seller of movie posters with his weekly auctions and he's published 40 books. Bruce also has his email club with almost 3000 members. It was weekly for several years but recently has moved to a little less frequent because of his schedule.


Forums - only started a couple of years ago but has grown very fast with over 1800 members. This forum is especially suited for young collectors and collectors of newer material. They welcome all that are just starting in the hobby. - started in 1995 and has a lot more veterans of the hobby. Called MoPo in the hobby, this is an email driven forum and has about 500 members. Scott has a great website with a lot of information about all the ins and outs.

Other Publications

Here's some recommended publications that we feel are excellent resources and would be beneficial for any level of collector.


"CINEMA RETRO" is a full color magazine devoted to classic & cult films of the ' 60s& '70s. It's written about and by the writers, actors, producers and directors of the era. Every issue is a Limited Edition Collector's Item!

Movie Collector's World

MCW - - has been around for many years helping collectors with articles, contacts and posters from all levels of poster collectors. This monthly is now available in digital format.


Price Guides

There are always pros and cons on the use of price guides. The internet has drasticallly affected values for movie posters and made them quite erratic. Like any hobby, Collectors have to remember a few points when using a price guide.

1. They are only a GUIDE to help establish an approximate value.
2. Look at the condition of the poster. This can greatly affect the price
3. Notice the location of the seller. Prices vary greatly from one area of the country to the other OR one country to another
4. Look at the date sold. If it's over 2 years old, the price is vary unreliable unless it's a rare poster.
5. Notice if the price is of a piece actually sold or a dealer asking price.
6. You have to be sure that you have the correct STYLE

With these in mind, let's divide the availability by:


LAMP Dealers Market - of course, we recommend our book. Published in 2007 with 800 pages and 60,000 prices. It is soft cover and ring bound.

Movie Poster Price Almanac - This was an annual publication by John Kisch. The last publication was in 2003. It was hard cover, about 660 pages and had approx. 55,000 prices. Kisch sold his publication to Moviegoods soon after this publication. Moviegoods didn't have the knowledge or experience to continue it.

Movie Poster Prices - This is a 2 volume set published by Jon Warren released in 2004. Volume 1 covers the years 1900-1959 and boasts 21,000 prices. Volume 2 covers 1960-2004 and boasts 12,000 prices. These are soft cover and are sold separately.

Movie Poster Sales Results - - This is a inexpensive newspaper type book that Bruce Hershenson started publishing in 2004. Each year Bruce puts out a new edition and has great sales on his earlier editions.

Movie Poster Books - - Bruce has published about 42 different movie posters books with some gorgeous photos. For those that love seeing old posters, these are a must.

LAMP Research Books - of course, we recommend our own books. They are specialized in a variety of areas.

Internet - - Bruce Hershenson has an excellent internet database of his personal auction sales. This covers from 1990 to current with over 200,000 prices. There is no charge for this - FREE


Other Internet Sources

B Movie Studios - For the last 15 years, a group headed by C. S. Lamb has been slowly buying up old B movie studios. Monogram, AIP, PRC, Republic and lots more. If you're a B-movie buff, you'll be interested in taking a look. - Brad Lang has been a provider of a wide variety of articles and links to movie associated topics. Worth looking through.

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