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Now you're actually getting to a better way of storing your posters. We always had trouble with this way because if we stored our posters under our bed.... we didn't know where to keep our old shoes, dust bunnies and doggy chew toys. And with all the posters under the bed we would be sleeping with our face against the ceiling!

Flat storage can be excellent if done properly. That does NOT mean grab an old box, lay the posters in it and shove it under the bed.

Now let's look at how to do it right and then the pro's and con's of this way of storage.

The first step is to pick out how you're going to store each individual poster.

Are you going to seal each poster?
Are you going to use a backing board?
How many to store together?

Of course the best is sealing each poster in mylar sheet with acid free backing board and placing it in a heavy duty case.

This sealing of each becomes more important in this type of storage because of dust.

You can also pull out and look at your poster without taking it out of the sealed sleeve, so gentle handling or showing doesn't affect it.

But there are several variations here, so be sure to look back at our list of enemies of your poster and make sure each area is covered.

Again, I want to remind you to make sure your posters are clean and free of any type of tape, dirt, etc. Make sure there's nothing sticky, pokey, dirty, ugly or smelly in there BEFORE storing them.

Also remember that they still have to be kept in a cool, dry location. Because they're individually sealed and placed in a heavy duty storage box doesn't mean you can go stick them in the barn.

If you're storing them laying flat, you don't need as much support for each poster than if you're storing them standing up flat. Then you need a rigid grade cardboard/backing board with them.

So pick the variation that best suits your needs and protects your poster the best possible.

PROS - fairly small storage area for multiple posters, easy to get to and move around, can be taken out and shown easier.

CONS - a little more expensive to store them right. Takes up more space than folded or rolled

TIP:Don't pick too large of a storage box. It's easier to handle several smaller ones. Also make of list of which posters are stored in which box so you don't have to search through each time you're looking for a particular one.

Who has it?

That's what we call the BIG question?
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