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This section is the general holding area for film associated accessories. The primary material that we have for this section is the trailers, but we do have several interviews and other associated clips.

These are arranged first by year and then alphabetically. There is also a link on the research title page to the clips.

AFI declared that 50% of ALL U.S. films before 1951 are lost forever, so consequently, the trailers for those lost films become extremely important in the preservation of that film.

Film trailers were used to SELL the audience on seeing the film, so you usually had very interesting scenes in the trailers. We hope you enjoy the trailers and clips that we have acquired.


Film Accessory Preservation - this is our 5 minute promo on the need for Film Accessory Preservation.

Louisiana Movie Trailers

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1938 - Jezabel

1944 - Mummy's Curse

1949 - the Pirogue Maker

1950 - Panic in the Streets

1951 - Streetcar Named Desire

1953 - Thunder Bay

1957 - Band of Angels

1958 - Long Hot Summer

           King Creole - Trailer

           King Creole Tribute - 5 min HoB tribute to Elvis in one of his best films shot in New Orleans

1959 - Alligator People

           Horse Soldiers

           Sound and the Fury

1961 - Dead One

1962 - Bourbon Street Shadows - rerelease of 1958 Invisible Avenger

           Wacky World of Dr. Morgus

1965 - Cincinnati Kid

           Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte

1969 - Easy Rider

1971 - Five Easy Pieces

1972 - Sounder

1973 - Live and Let Die

1974 - Gator Bait

1981 - Cat People

           Southern Comfort

1982 - the Toy

1983 - Mountaintop Motel Massacre

1984 - Tightrope

1986 - Avenging Force

           Belizaire the Cajun

           Down By Law

           No Mercy

1987 - Angel Heart

           Big Easy

           Killing Birds

1988 - Everybody's All American

1991 - JFK

1993 - Hard Target

           Pelican Brief

1994 - Interview With the Vampire

1995 - Dead Man Walking

1997 - Eve's Bayou

2002 - Scoundrel's Wife

2003 - Runaway Jury

2004 - Mr. 3000

2005 - Because of Winn Dixie

2006 - Deja Vu

2007 - the Mist

2009 - Hurricane Season

2010 - 12 Rounds

           My Own Love Song


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