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Plaquemines Parish
Belle Chasse, Boothville, Buras, Empire, Myrtle Grove, Phoenix, Pilottown, Pointe a la Hache (Parish Seat), Port Sulphur, Venice

The name "Plaquemines" comes from a Native American word, piakimin, meaning persimmon. It was first used to name an old military post on the banks of the Mississippi
which was surrounded by a large number of persimmon trees.
Eventually the name was applied to the entire parish.



Swamp Fire - Dir: Pine; Cast: Weissmuller, Crabbe. Drama filmed in New Orleans and at Pilot Town.  


Hurricane Named Betsy - Dir: Cuchiara. Narrator: Fred Collins. A documentary on Hurricane Betsy presented by Department of Defense - Office of Civil Defense partially filmed in New Orleans, Grand Isle, Baton Rouge, St. Bernard, and Plaquemine.


Live and Let Die - Dir: Hamilton; Cast: Moore, Seymour.  Action adventure filmed throughout Louisiana, including:  Baldwin Estate, Southern Yacht Club, New Orleans, Treadway Estates and Irish Bayou-Slidell, Lake Pontchartrain, Kenner, and Phoenix. 


Ends of the Earth: Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana.  Dir: Alvarez, Kolker.  Documentary of the Perez family filmed in Plaquemines Parish.


Deconstructed Cities, Part 2: London - Dir: White-Sobieski. Short history partially filmed in New Orleans, St. Bernard Parish and Plaquemines Parish.


Don't Eat The Baby: Adv. At Post-Katrina Mardi Gras - Dir: Berger; Cast:  Hardy, Kern.  Documentary filmed in post-Katrina New Orleans and Plaquemines Parish.


Surviving Sharks - Dir: Gurney. TV documentary about shark attacks partially filmed in Venice.


Fish the World - Dir: Henry. Sports documentary about fishing techniques throughout the world partially filmed in Barataria Bay.

Summer of the Sharks - Dir: Armstrong. Documentary that explores shark divers partially filmed in Venice.


After the Spill: The Last Catch - Dir: Stack, Weinfield; TV movie documentary about Venice after the oil spill filmed in Venice and southern Louisiana.


Dirty Energy - Dir: Hopkins. Documentary about the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion filmed in Grand Isle, Venice and New Orleans.


Damascus - Dir: Johnson; Cast: Avallone, Juneau. Short sci/fi filmed in Belle Chase.

Wicked Blood - Dir: Young; Cast: Breslin, Bean. Straight to video action thriller filmed in Plaquemine Parish.


Night Without Armor - Dir: Alexander; Cast: Binkley, Fishel. Drama romance filmed in Buras and around south Louisiana.

Paratus 14:50 - Dir: Smith. Documentary about the effects of Hurricane Katrina partially filmed in Buras, Port Sulphur and New Orleans.

Screening Gone Bad - Dir: Johnson; Cast: Rossi, Harding. Short comedy filmed in Belle Chase.




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