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Pointe Coupe Parish
Fordoche, Livonia, Morganza, New Roads (Parish Seat), Ramsey Plantation

Named for: la pointe coupèe, French for the place of the cut-off.



Long, Hot Summer - Dir: Ritt; Cast: Newman, Woodward. Drama filmed at Asphodel Plantation in Jackson, Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie, Ramsey Plantation in New Roads, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Clinton, and Baton Rouge.


Easy Rider - Dir:  Hopper; Cast:  Fonda, Nicholson.  Drama partially filmed in Louisiana. Filming locations included NewOrleans, including the French Quarter at Mardi Gras and the St. Louis Cemetery; the Long-Allen Bridge over the Atchafalaya River from Berwick to Morgan City; East Main Street of Garden City; West Main Street in Franklin; Krotz Springs, Lafayette, and Morganza. 


Louisiana Blues - Dir: Bruneau; Cast: Daigrepont, Doucet. Music filmed in Lafayette, New Orleans and New Roads.


Evil in the Bayou - Dir: Beaton; Cast: Zanone, Beaton.  Straight to video action drama horror filmed in Baton Rouge, Bayou, Kelsie and New Orleans.


Rugaru - Dir: Severio; Cast: Oliver, Estevez. Horror thriller filmed at Amite and New Roads.

Supernatural Swamp Slaughter - Dir: Michaelson, Pinnock; Cast: Sheffield, Day. Horror thriller filmed at New Roads.


Bad Ass 3: Bad Asses on the Bayou - Dir: Moss; Cast: Trejo, Amos. Drama filmed in Livonia, Port Allen and Baton Rouge.


Paul - Dir: Jarreau; Cast: Harris, Wallace. Short drama filmed in New Roads.



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