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St. Bernard Parish
Arabi, Chalmette (Parish Seat), Meraux, Violet

By the end of the 1780s, St. Bernard, the patron saint of Bernardo de Galvez,
was used in documents to identify the area.



Hurricane Named Betsy - Dir: Cuchiara. Narrator: Fred Collins. A documentary on Hurricane Betsy presented by Department of Defense - Office of Civil Defense partially filmed in New Orleans, Grand Isle, Baton Rouge, St. Bernard, and Plaquemines.


American Frontier: Decisive Battles - Dir: Foreman. TV documentary about the battle at Chalmette. Filmed in Indiana for the History Channel?


Mosquitoes and High Water - Dir: Alvarez. Documentary featuring the “Islenos” filmed in St. Bernard.


Deconstructed Cities, Part 2: London - Dir: White-Sobieski. Short history partially filmed in New Orleans, St. Bernard Parish and Plaquemines Parish.


After Katrina: Rebuilding St. Bernard Parish - Dir: Finberg. Post-Katrina documentary filmed in New Orleans and St. Bernard. 

Execution - Dir: Scaffidi; Cast: Cabana, Cambise. Crime drama thriller filmed in St. Bernard Parish.

Feral - Dir: Capps, Pitre; Cast: Dodds, Capps. Horror thriller filmed in New Orleans and St. Bernard Parish.

Glory Road – Dir: Gartner; Cast: Lucas, Luke. Sports drama partially filmed in Baton Rouge, Chalmette (Chalmette High School), Hammond, Jefferson Parish, Kenner and New Orleans (Jesuit High School).

St. Bernard Parish: After the Flood - Dir: Astrausky. Made for TV documentary filmed in post-Katrina St. Bernard Parish.

Stay Alive - Dir: Bell; Cast: Foster, Muniz. Horror thriller filmed in Jefferson Parish, Kenner, including the Esplanade Mall, New Orleans, Oak Alley Plantation and St. Bernard Parish.


American Opera, An - Dir: McPhee; Cast: McPhee, Garrison. Documentary filmed in Gonzales, New Orleans and St. Bernard.


I Love You Philip Morris - Dir: Ficarra, Requa;  Dir: Carrey, McGregor.  Comedy drama romance filmed partially in New Orleans, Covington, Shreveport (Louisiana Wave Studio) and St. Bernard Parish.

Racing for Time - Dir: Dutton; Cast: Barre, Beron. Made for TV biography drama filmed in New Orleans and St. Bernard Parish.

Route of All Evil - Dir: McPherson; Cast: Langkopp, Parker. Short drama filmed in Orleans and St. Bernard Parishes.

This Beautiful Yet Ugly World - Dir: Vaughn; Cast: Serigne. Short comedy filmed in Chalmette.


Golden Age of Junk - Dir: Kurowski, Tait. Short documentary on Adam Dowis and his endeavors to turn trash from Hurricane Katrina into treasures filmed in Chalmette and New Orleans.

Hurricane Season - Dir: Story; Cast: Whitaker, Washington. Sports drama filmed set in Marrero and filmed in Chalmette High School in Chalmette and New Orleans.

Little Baby Eyes - Dir: Jackson, Jackson; Cast: Thompson. Short filmed in Chalmette, Gretna and New Orleans.


Jonah Hex - Dir: Hayward; Cast: Brolin, Fox. Action drama thriller partially filmed in Bayou Gauche, Crown Pointe, Fort Pike, New Orleans, Raceland, Rosedown Plantation in St. Francisville, St. Bernard Parish and St. Francisville. 

Last Exorcism - Dir: Stamm; Cast: Fabian, Bell. Drama horror thriller filmed in New Orleans and St. Bernard Parish.


Destiny Lives Down the Road - Dir: Jackson, Saft; Cast: Thompson, Tyson. short drama filmed in Chalmette.

Lonely - Dir: Hoffman; Cast: Pallo, Salih. Short drama filmed in River Ridge, New Orleans and Chalmette.


Keys to Happiness - Dir: Petreikis; Cast: Akridge, Calico. Short comedy filmed in Chalmette.

Lucky One, The - Dir: Hicks; Efron, Schilling. Drama filmed in New Orleans at Union Passenger Terminal, St. Bernard at the port and Creedmoor Plantation, Covington at Christ Episcopal School, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church at Abita Springs, Houmas House Plantation and Port Eads Lighthouse in Plaquemine.


Dermaphoria - Dir: Clarke; Cast: Morgan, Badaan. Crime drama filmed in New Orleans and St. Bernard Parish.


Creatures of God - Dir: Parker; Cast: Alexander, Boucher. Short filmed in Chalmette and New Orleans.

Culling - Dir: Branaman; Cast: Sumpter, Davern. Horror filmed around St. Bernard Parish.

Delta Justice: Islenos Trappers War - Dir: DuBos; Cast: Santos, Wasem. documentary about the attempted takeover of trappers land in lower St. Bernard filmed in St. Bernard Parish.

Desiree - Dir: Clarke; Cast: Morgan, Badaan. TV crime drama filmed in New Orleans and St. Bernard parish.


Deepwater Horizon - Dir: Berg; Cast: Wahlberg, Russell. Historical drama filmed in Chalmette.

Free State of Jones - Dir: Ross; Cast: McConaughey, Russell. Action, drama, biography filmed in New Orleans, Bush, St. Bernard, Paradis, Clinton, Greenwood and Braithwaite and at the Buckner Mansion, Evergreen Plantation, and Creedmoor Plantation. Interior scenes at the Round Table Club in New Orleans and interior church scenes at St. John's Episcopal Church in Washington.

Midnight Special - Dir: Nichols; Cast: Shannon, Edgarton. Mystery drama filmed in Folsom, Lacombe, New Orleans, Reserve, Slidell, and St. Bernard.

Whole Truth, The - Dir: Hunt; Cast: Reeves, Zellweger. Mystery crime drama filmed in St. Bernard Parish at the Old Beauregard Courthouse, Marina Motel and around the parish.


Rodents of Unusual Size - Dir: Costello, Metzler; Cast: Beran, Gonzalez. Documentary on Nutria and their impact on society in South Louisiana filmed in Delacroix Island and around Louisiana.


Born Again Dead aka Cut Off - Dir: Carbin; Cast: Dourif, Baldwin. Crime drama filmed in Orleans, Jefferson and St. Bernard parishes.

Cut Off aka Born Again Dead - Dir: Carbin; Cast: Dourif, Baldwin. Crime drama filmed in Orleans, Jefferson and St. Bernard parishes.




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