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St. Tammany Parish
Abita Springs, Bush, Covington (Parish Seat), Folsom, Honey Island Swamp, Lacombe, Madisonville, Mandeville, Otis House, Pearl River, Slidell, Sun

St. Tammany Parish is named after the Delaware Indian Chief Tamanend (c.1628-1698),
who made peace with William Penn and was generally renowned for his goodness.



Swamp Women (a/k/a) Cruel Swamp-Dir: Corman; Cast: Windsor, Mathews.  Adventure filmed and set in New Orleans, Mandeville and the bayou country of Louisiana, including Bayou La Combe.  Filming was in October, so stock Mardi Gras footage was used without the actors.


Cincinnati Kid, The - Dir: Jewison; Cast: McQueen, Robinson. Drama filmed and set in New Orleans and Covington. World premiere in New Orleans October 15, 1965. 


Live and Let Die - Dir: Hamilton; Cast: Moore, Seymour.  Action adventure filmed throughout Louisiana, including:  Baldwin Estate, Southern Yacht Club, New Orleans, Treadway Estates and Irish Bayou-Slidell, Lake Pontchartrain, Kenner, and Phoenix. 

Nightmare Honeymoon - Dir: Silverstein; Cast: Rambo, Smith. Horror drama filmed in Covington, Franklin and New Orleans.


Beyond, The (a/k/a)7 Doors of Death, 1983 - Dir: Fulci; Cast: MacColl, Warbeck. Italian horror partially filmed in Lake Charles, Metairie, Monroe and New Orleans and Otis House in Madisonville.


Cat People - Dir: Schrader; Cast: Kinski, McDowell. Drama horror set in New Orleans and filmed around New Orleans, Audubon Zoo and Slidell


Down by Law - Dir: Jarmusch; Cast: Waits, Lurie. Comedy drama filmed in New Orleans and Slidell.


Under Cover - Dir: Stockwell; Cast: Neidorf, Leigh. Action drama partially filmed in Abita Springs, Bogalusa and Slidell.


Miller’s Crossing - Dir: Coen; Cast: Byrne, Finney. Crime drama filmed in New Orleans, Slidell and Metairie.


Door into Silence (video title; a/k/a Le porte del silenzio) - Dir. Fulci; Cast:  Savage, Schultz. Thriller set in Louisiana and filmed in Madisonville and New Orleans.


Dead Man Walking - Dir: Robbins; Cast: Sarandon, Penn. Crime drama partially filmed at the Louisiana State Capital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola, New Orleans, Covington and Slidell.

Kingfish: A Story of Huey P. Long - Dir: Schlamme; Cast: Goodman, Craven.  Made for TV biographical drama filmed in Baton Rouge, Covington, Madisonville and New Orleans.


Bayou Ghost - Dir: Comptom; Cast: Kennedy, Damon. Adventure horror filmed in St. Tammany Parish.

Eve's Bayou - Dir: Lemmons; Cast: Jackson, Whitfield. Drama filmed in Covington, Madisonville and Napoleonville.


Stalled - Dir: Haves; Cast: Adams, Betz. Comedy drama filmed in Slidell and Terrytown.


Blood Feast 2: All U Can Eat - Dir: Lewis; Cast: McConnell, McLachlan.   Comedy crime horror filmed in Abita Springs and Mandeville.

Love Liza - Dir: Louiso; Cast: Hoffman, Bates. Comedy drama partially filmed at Audubon Zoo in New Orleans and Covington.


13 Lakes - Dir: Benning. Documentary about the 13 major lakes around the U.S. partially filmed at Lake Pontchartrain.


Birdpeople - Dir: Gitlin. Documentary about migratory birds from New York partially filmed in Slidell.

Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story - Dir: Gatins; Cast: Russell, Fanning.  Horseracing family drama filmed partially in St. Tammany Parish.


Katrina Diary - Dir: Pearce. Documentary about relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina partially filmed in Slidell.

Local Color - Dir: Gallo; Cast: Mueller-Stahl, Morgan. Drama filmed in Covington and New Orleans.


Legend of the Honey Island Swamp Monster - Dir: Holyfield. Documentary filmed in the Honey Island Swamp.

Southern Fried Bigfoot - Dir: Whitley; Cast: Anderson, Bagert. Documentary mystery filmed partially in New Orleans, including Audubon Zoo and French Quarter, and Slidell.

Timeout - Dir: Hewitt; Cast: Coutant, Fulham. Short drama filmed in Slidell.


Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Dir: Fincher; Cast: Pitt, Blanchett.  Drama fantasy mystery set in New Orleans and filmed partially in Donaldsonville, Laplace, Mandeville, Morgan City and New Orleans.

Heart of New Orleans - Dir: Kornai, Shapshak; Cast: Binnings, Coker. Short drama filmed in Mandeville.

I Love You Philip Morris - Dir: Ficarra, Requa;  Dir: Carrey, McGregor.  Comedy drama romance filmed partially in New Orleans, Covington, Shreveport (Louisiana Wave Studio) and St. Bernard Parish.

Malice in Wonderland - Dir: Gustavo; Cast: Anne, Benson. Horror filmed in Covington.

Solstice - Dir: Myrick; Cast: Harnois, Ashmore. Drama horror mystery filmed in Husser, Mandeville, New Orleans and Slidell.

Yellow Handkerchief - Dir: Prasad; Cast: Hurt, Bello. Drama romance set in a backwater Louisiana town and filmed in Morgan City, Covington and New Orleans.


Alabama Moon - Dir: McCanlies; Cast: Goodman, Bennett. Family filmed in Covington.

Cirque du Freak: the Vampire's Assistant - Dir: Weitz; Cast: Massoglia, Reilly. Action adventure fantasy thriller filmed partially in Baton Rouge, Folsom and New Orleans including Lusher Charter School.

Dear Theodosia - Dir: Campbell; Cast: McRae, Robbin. Short drama filmed in Mandeville.

Louisiana Swamp Country: A Taste of Life on the Pearl River Bayou - Dir:  Holyfield. Documentary filmed in the Pearl River Bayou.

Nilam Auntie: An International Treasure - Dir: Lampe; Cast: Mathur, Dasani. Short comedy partially filmed in Mandeville for release in India.

Ninth Step - Dir: Campbell; Cast: Fredo, Gleason. Short drama filmed in Folsom, Hammond and New Orleans.

Planting Seeds of Change - Dir: Kimbrough. Short bio documentary following 19 college kids as they come to help rebuild after Hurricane Katrina filmed in Slidell.


Journey to Promethea - Dir: Garcia; Cast: Zane, Baer. TV movie filmed in Covington and Hammond.

Nine Lives - Dir: Krieger; Cast: Domiano, Laizer. Short comedy drama straight to video filmed in Abita Springs.

Pregnancy Pact - Dir: Rodriguez; Cast: Birch, Beaty. Made for TV biography drama filmed in Covington and New Orleans.

Waterways to Railways: Remembering Slidell History - Dir: Collins; documentary filmed around Slidell.

Welcome to the Rileys - Dir: Scott; Cast: Gandolfini, Stewart. Drama set in New Orleans and filmed in Jefferson, Mandeville and New Orleans.


Bigfoot Lives 2 - Dir: Biscardi; Documentary followup to the 2008 documentary continues the search partially filmed in the Honey Island Swamp.

Dead Retribution a/k/a In Purgatory - Dir: Rivero, Schlueter; Cast: Bellow, Cox. Thriller filmed in Norco, Mandeville, Metairie, Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

Green Lantern - Dir: Campbell; Cast: Reynolds, Sarsgaard. Sci-fi partially filmed in New Orleans and Madisonville.

In Purgatory - Dir: Rivero, Schlueter; Cast: Anderson, Barras. Thriller filmed in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Metairie, Norco and Mandeville.

New York Says Thank You - Dir: Rettburg. Documentary about the recovery after 9/11 partially filmed in Slidell.

Violin Maker - Dir: MeHaffrey; Documentary following master craftsman Keith Davis as he makes a violin from a block of wood filmed in Covington, Hammond and New Orleans.

Waiting … On Godot - Dir: Dickerson, Lybrand; Cast: Cleaver, Hammond. Short comedy filmed in Slidell.


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - Dir: Bekmambetov; Cast: Walker Sewell. Action fantasy horror filmed in New Orleans French Quarter, Covington and Vacherie at the Oak Alley Plantation.

Madchen - Dir: Choi; Cast: Collins, Harmon. Short drama filmed in Folsom.

Mysterious Island - Dir: Sheppard; Cast: Holden, Munro. Adventure sci-fi filmed in Baton Rouge, Mandeville and St. Amant.

No One Lives - Dir: Kitamura; Cast: Evans, Grubbs. Horror thriller filmed in Hammond, Covington and Abita Springs.


Beautiful Creatures - Dir: LaGravenese; Cast: Englert, Thompson. Fantasy drama filmed in New Orleans, Covington and St. Francisville.

Bering Sea Beast a/k/a Beast of the Bering Sea - Dir: FauntLeRoy; Cast: Scerbo, Beemer. Sci/fi TV movie filmed in Slidell.

Hatchet III - Dir: McDonnell; Cast: Harris, Hodder. Action comedy horror filmed in New Orleans and Honey Island Swamp.

Hatchett III: Swamp Fun - Dir: Elbert. Short documentary showing the difficulties in shooting in the Honey Island Swamp for Hatchet 3 partially filmed in New Orleans and Honey Island Swamp.

Into the Wood - Dir: Krieger, McGregor; Cast: Smith, Lamarque. Short comedy filmed in Abita Springs.

Rappaccini's Daughter - Dir: Mehaffey; Cast: Hodge, Palmer. Fantasy horror partially filmed in Covington.


1959 - Dir: Swider; Cast: Roberts, Waggener. Thriller filmed in Covington, New Orleans, Madisonville, Pearl River and around Ascension and St. Tammany Parishes.

Jake's Road - Dir: Mayhall; Cast: Roberts, Hines. Action horror filmed in Folsom.

Terminal, - Dir: Swider; Cast: Altunok, Bennett. Short drama filmed in Slidell.


American Ultra - Dir: Nourizadeh; Cast: Stewart, Goggins. Action comedy filmed in New Orleans, Lutcher, Gramercy, Raceland, Houma, Norco, Kenner, Metairie, Hammond, Covington, Harahan and St. James Parish.

Capture the Campers - Dir: Stephenson; Cast: Hart, Ice. Short comedy filmed in Covington.

Daughter - Dir: McGregor; Cast: Wagner, Smith. Short horror filmed in Abita Springs.

Dellany Journey - Dir: Naomi; Cast: McGovern, Krummel. Short filmed in New Orleans and Slidell.

Folle de la Conservation - Dir: Norwood; Cast: Goodman, Himel. Short drama filmed in Mandeville.

Rosedown - Dir: Dupont; Cast: Carriere, Preston. Short drama filmed in Mandeville.

Trust Your Journey - Dir: Palmer; Cast: Jones, Phillips. Short drama filmed in Mandeville.

Turtle Beach - Dir: Huang; Cast: Yoshida, Yguyen. Short, historical drama filmed in New Orleans and Mandeville.

Zombie Shark - Dir: Talley; Cast: Steele, London. Horror sci/fi TV movie filmed in Madisonville and Baton Rouge.



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