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Vermilion Parish
Abbeville (Parish Seat), Erath, Gueydan, Kaplan, MacDonnell Plantation, Maurice, Pecan Island, Perry

Named for Vermilion River and Bay



Louisiana Story  -Dir: Flaherty; Cast: Boudreaux, LeBlanc. Documentary drama filmed in Petit Anse Bayou. Rereleased in the 1952 as Cajun.


Blob, The - Dir: Russell; Cast: Smith, Leitch. Horror sci-fi filmed in Abbeville.


Jailbirds - Dir: Brinckerhoff; Cast: Rashad, Cannon. Made for TV action comedy set in Louisiana and filmed in Abbeville.        

Scorchers - Dir: Beaird; Cast: Dunaway, Jones. Comedy drama set in Bayou La Teche and filmed in Abbeville and Perry.


Passion Fish - Dir: Sayles; Cast: McDonnell, Woodward. Drama filmed in Elton, Gueydan, Jennings, Lake Arthur and Lake Charles and featured the MacDonnell Plantation.


Strange Fruit - Dir: Schickner; Cast: Faulcon, Tolbert. Drama set in a rural Louisiana town and partially filmed in Lake Arthur, Lake Charles, Gueydan, Kaplan and White Castle.


Vamped - Dir: Bell; Cast: Broussard, James. Short horror filmed in Lafayette and Abbeville.


Terror in the Scream - Dir: LeBleu; Cast: Byrely, Cogar. Horror partially filmed in Abbeville.



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