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NOTE: The FIRST MOVIE THEATER IN THE U.S. opened in New Orleans on July 26, 1896 at 623 Canal St. You can read about it in our e-mag Louisiana in Film in the first edition. Golden Poster print available on this.


This section is a listing of films made in or about Louisiana arranged by year of release.




City Hall 1898City Hall - 1898

American Mutoscope; Rel: Feb. 1898. Filmed in New Orleans.


Down in Dixie - American Mutoscope; Rel: Feb. 1898. Filmed in New Orleans

Loading a Mississippi Steamboat - American Mutoscope; Rel: Feb 1898. (catalog description).  Colored stevedores carrying the cargo aboard a river boat. Filmed in New Orleans.
Mardi Gras Carnival Part 1 - American Mutoscope: Rel: Feb 1898 - (catalog description).  Part 1 follows floats in the parade of 1898: No. 1, Corn; No. 2, Cherries; No. 3, Coffee; No. 4, Tea.  Filmed in New Orleans.
Mardi Gras Carnival Part 2 - American Mutoscope; Rel: Feb 1898. (catalog description).  Continuation of above, showing following floats: No. 1, Boeuf Gras; No. 2, King of the Carnival; No. 3, Rex.  Filmed in New Orleans.
Scene on the Steamship “Olivette” - American Mutoscope; Rel: Mar 1898. Filmed in New Orleans.   
Torpedo Boat, “Dupont” - American Mutoscope; Rel: Feb 1898(catalog description) A stunning view of one of the fastest boats in Uncle Sam's torpedo fleet. Filmed in New Orleans.
Way Down South - American Mutoscope; Rel: Feb 1898. Filmed in New Orleans.


We also have on record where Edison (not to be outdone by American Mutoscope), had a film made of downtown New Orleans and mardi gras. Apparently, some of it was made from photographs and artist reditions. Edison had each frame of the film HAND COLORED at the enormous cost of $600 (huge for that time period). It was shown at West End Park at least once before it was sent to New York to reproduce. It was suppose to go to all 40 Vitascope exhibitors. Unfortunately, it caught on fire in New York and lost before it could be reproduced. We have not been able to find any records of the title as it never made it to distribution.




A Darktown Dance - Edison; This film is listed in the 1900 Edison catalog as "A genuine New Orleans break-down". But, we found an ad stating that is was available in the January 1899 Phonoscope magazine.




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