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This section is a listing of films made in or about Louisiana arranged by year of release.



All film production in Louisiana during this time period was in 1902, 1907 and 1909



Arrival of Rex - Selig Polyscope.  (catalog description).  Artist’s reproduction of principal scenes from the Krewe of Rex parade during Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
Continental Guards, The  - Selig Polyscope.  Filmed in New Orleans.
Down in Dixie  - Selig Polyscope.  Filmed in New Orleans.

Fun On the Levee  - Selig Polyscope.  Filmed in New Orleans.

Mardi Gras Parade  - Selig Polyscope.  Filmed in New Orleans.
Panoramic View of the French Market -  Selig Polyscope.  Filmed In New Orleans
Turning Keys Over to Rex - Selig Polyscope.  Filmed in New Orleans.


Selig's Firestation Series - Selig Polyscope.  Filmed in Shreveport.



Four Wise Men (aka) Four Wise Men of Dobbinsville - Selig Polyscope. short comedy filmed in Louisiana.

Mephisto and the Maiden - Selig Polyscope. Dir:  Boggs; Cast:  Santschi, Ward.  Fantasy short filmed in New Orleans. First drama filmed in Louisiana.

President Taft Visits New Orleans - Selig Polyscope. Originally released as With Taft in Panama with additional Panama footage. Later Panama footage was removed and film renamed.   



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