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Cameo Kirby
Director: Oscar C. Apfel (unconfirmed)
Year: 1914

Release info: released December 24, 1914
Genre: historical drama


Click to see Cast:

Dustin Farnum - Cameo Kirby

Fred Montague - Col. Moreau

James Neill - John Randall

Jode Mullally - Tom Randall

Winifred Kingston - Adele Randall

Ernest Joy - Aaron Randall

Dick La Reno - Larkin Bunce


Synopsis: from AFI

In antebellum New Orleans, Gene Kirby, called Cameo because of his fondness for the stone, must sell his plantation and slaves after his father dies heavily in debt. After the auction, Cameo and family friend John Randall take a river boat cruise during which they encounter Col. Moreau, a crooked gambler. Having gambling skills of his own, Cameo is able to beat Moreau but at the same time wins everything that Randall owns. Randall, not knowing that Kirby intends to give his friend's losses back, commits suicide. When the body is taken ashore, Cameo meets Adele, Randall's daughter, and falls in love with her, but her brother Tom wants revenge. When Moreau and Cameo fight a duel, Moreau is killed, after which Tom removes the gun from his hand, thus implicating Cameo in a murder. Cameo becomes a fugitive, but he convinces Adele of his innocence. In the end, the gun is found on Tom, Cameo is cleared of the murder charge, and the Randall family realizes that he is a true Southern gentleman, worthy of marrying Adele.

Production Company: Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Co.
Paramount Pictures Corp.
Jesse L. Lasky
Booth Tarkington and Harry Leon Wilson
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Other Information: length was 5 reels




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