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Director: Edwin Carewe - Jack Boland, asst. dir.
Year: 1928
Release info: premiere in New York July 27, 1929 with general release on August 24, 1929
Genre: historical drama
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Delores Del Rio - Evangeline

Roland Drew - Gabriel

Alec B. Francis - Father Felician

Donald Reed - Baptiste

James A. Marcus - Basil the blacksmith

Paul McAllister - Bendict Bellefontaine

George Marion Sr. - Rene La Blanc

Robert Mack - Michael the fiddler

Lee Shumway - Colonel Winslow

Louis Payne - Governor General

Paul Weigel - lamplighter

John T. Prince - Jesuit priest

Synopsis: from AFI

In the quiet Nova Scotian village of Grand-Pré lives the fair, beloved Evangeline with her father, Benedict Bellefontaine, a prosperous and honored farmer of the Acadian community. Though she admires and is loved by Baptiste, son of the notary, she is pledged to Gabriel, son of Basil, the village smith. Before they can be married, France and England declare war; the Acadians, bound by allegiance to England and by ties of kinship to France, refuse to take up arms against France, and as a result are ordered deported. As the men are herded aboard a British man-o'-war, the governor-general sets fire to the village of Grand-Pré. Suffering from exposure and broken by the sight, Benedict dies in the arms of Evangeline, who then departs for unknown lands with Father Felician. They arrive at Bayou Têche, Louisiana, where former residents of Grand Pré have established a settlement, just missing Gabriel. Through the wilds of the gulf coast, Evangeline suffers many hardships in search of her beloved, refusing the hand of Baptiste, who has meanwhile become a prosperous land owner. Basil offers to aid her in her search for Gabriel, but they are separated by a storm on the rapids. Traveling alone through unexplored country, Evangeline arrives at a settlement of Jesuits; she becomes a Sister of Mercy, though ever hopeful of finding Gabriel. At the end of the war, Evangeline is sent to Philadelphia to care for the maimed and friendless; there, in an almshouse, she is at last reunited with her long-sought beloved.

Production Company: Edwin Carewe Productions - Feature Productions, Inc.
Distribution: United Artists
Producer: Edwin Carewe
Writer: Finis Fox
Photography: Robert B. Kurrle - Al M. Green - lighting by C. P. Drew
Art Direction: Stephen Gooson - Tec-Art Studios
Film Editor:
Jeanne Spencer
Charles Huber
Hugo Riensenfeld
Production Mgr:
Louis M. Jerome
Technical Advisor:
Eugene Hornbostel
Finis Fox
Notes: Based on the poem Evangeline, A Tale of Acadie by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Boston, 1847).
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Other Information: length was 9 reels in 2 versions: silent 7862 ft. - sound 8268 ft.





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