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(April 16, 1889 - December 25, 1977)

For a complete bio, click here


We've compiled a list of the films made by Chaplin. For ease, we've divided them down into categories.

Since posters for most of the early years are very rare and hard to find, we've only connected titles that we have poster images on in the database.

When Chaplin first started with Mack Sennett in 1914, he did 35 films. Here's the group of films released under the Keystone Productions name:

Between Showers (1914) .... Masher
aka Charlie and the Umbrella (1914)
aka Flirts, The (1914)
aka In Wrong Thunder and Lightning (1914) (USA)

Busy Day, A (1914) .... Wife
aka Busy as Can Be (1914) (USA)
aka Lady Charlie (1914)
aka Militant Suffragette (1914)

Caught in a Cabaret (1914) .... Waiter
aka Charlie the Waiter (1914) (USA)
aka Faking with Society (1914)
aka Jazz Waiter (1914)
aka Prime Minister Charlie (1914) (USA)
aka Waiter, The (1914)

Caught in the Rain (1914) .... Tipsy Hotel Guest
aka At It Again (1914)
aka In the Park (1914) (USA: reissue title)
aka Who Got Stung? (1914)

Face on the Bar Room Floor, The (1914) .... Artist
aka Ham Actor, The (1914)
aka Ham Artist, The (1914)

Fatal Mallet, The (1914) .... Suitor
aka Hit Him Again (1914)
aka Pile Driver, The (1914)
aka Rival Suitors, The (1914)

Gentleman of Nerve (1914) .... Track Fanatic
aka Charlie at the Races (1914)
aka Some Nerve (1914)

Her Friend the Bandit (1914) .... Bandit
aka Mabel's Flirtation (1914)
aka Thief Catcher, A (1914)

His Musical Career (1914) .... Piano Mover
aka Charlie as a Piano Mover (1914) (USA)
aka Musical Tramps (1914)
aka Piano Movers, The (1914)

His New Profession (1914) .... Charlie
aka Good for Nothing, The (1914)
aka Helping Himself (1914)

Kid Auto Races at Venice (1914) .... Tramp
aka Children's Automobile Race, The (1914)
aka Kid Auto Race (1914)
aka Pest, The (1914) (USA)

Mabel at the Wheel (1914) .... Villain
aka His Daredevil Queen (1914)
aka Hot Finish, A (1914/II) (USA)

Mabel's Strange Predicament (1914) .... Tramp
aka Hotel Mixup (1914)

Property Man, The (1914) .... The Property Man
aka Charlie on the Boards (1914) (USA)
aka Getting His Goat (1914)
aka Props (1914) (USA)
aka Rustabout, The (1914)
aka Vamping Venus (1914)

Recreation (1914) .... Tramp
aka Spring Fever (1914)

Those Love Pangs (1914) .... Masher
aka Busted Hearts (1914)
aka Oh, You Girls (1914) (USA)
aka Rival Mashers, The (1914)

Twenty Minutes of Love (1914) .... Pickpocket
aka Cops and Watches (1914)
aka He Loves Her So (1914)
aka Love-Friend (1914)

His Prehistoric Past (1914) .... Mr. Weakchin
aka Caveman, The (1914)
aka Dream, A (1914)
aka Hula-Hula Dance, The (1914) (USA)
aka King Charlie (1914)

Getting Acquainted (1914) .... Spouse
aka Exchange Is No Robbery (1914)
aka Fair Exchange, A (1914)
aka Hello Everybody (1914)

Tillie's Punctured Romance (1914) .... Charlie, City Slicker
aka For the Love of Tillie (1914)
aka Marie's Millions (1914)
aka Tillie's Big Romance (1914)
aka Tillie's Nightmare (1914)

Dough and Dynamite (1914) .... Waiter
aka Cook, The (1914)
aka Doughnut Designer, The (1914)
aka New Cook, The (1914)

His Trysting Place (1914) .... Husband
aka Family Home (1914)
aka Family House (1914)
aka Henpecked Spouse, The (1914) (USA)
aka His Trysting Places (1914) (USA)
aka Ladies' Man, The (1914) (USA)
aka Very Much Married (1914) (USA)

New Janitor, The (1914) .... Janitor
aka Blundering Boob, The (1914)
aka New Porter, The (1914)
aka Porter, The (1914)

Rounders, The (1914) .... Reveller
aka Going Down (1914) (USA)
aka Love Thief, The (1914) (USA)
aka Oh, What a Night (1914) (USA)
aka Revelry (1914)
aka Tip, Tap, Toe (1914) (USA)
aka Two of a Kind (1914)

Masquerader, The (1914) .... Film Actor
aka Female Impersonator, The (1914) (USA)
aka Female, The (1914)
aka Perfumed Lady, The (1914) (USA)
aka Picnic, The (1914) (USA)
aka Putting One Over (1914)

Laughing Gas (1914) .... Dentist's Assistant
aka Busy Little Dentist (1914) (USA)
aka Dentist, The (1914)
aka Down and Out (1914)
aka Laffing Gas (1914) (USA)
aka Tuning His Ivories (1914) (USA)

Mabel's Married Life (1914) .... Mabel's Husband
aka Squarehead, The (1914)
aka When You're Married (1914)

Mabel's Busy Day (1914) .... Tipsy Nuisance
aka Charlie and the Sausages (1914)
aka Hot Dog Charlie (1914)
aka Hot Dogs (1914)
aka Love and Lunch (1914)

Knockout, The (1914) .... Referee
aka Counted Out (1914)
aka Pugilist, The (1914)

Star Boarder, The (1914) .... The Star Boarder
aka Fatal Lantern, The (1914) (USA)
aka Hash-House Hero, The (1914)
aka In Love with His Landlady (1914)
aka Landlady's Pet, The (1914) (USA)

Cruel, Cruel Love (1914) .... Lord Helpus
aka Lord Helpus (1914)

His Favorite Pastime (1914) .... Drunken masher
aka Bonehead, The (1914)
aka Charlie Is Thirsty (1914) (USA)
aka Charlie's Reckless Fling (1914) (USA)
aka Reckless Fling, The (1914) (USA)

Tango Tangles (1914) .... Tipsy Dancer
aka Charlie's Recreation (1914)
aka Music Hall (1914)

Film Johnnie, A (1914) .... The Film Johnnie
aka Charlie at the Studio (1914)
aka Charlie the Actor (1914) (USA)
aka Film Johnny (1914) (UK)
aka Million Dollar Job (1914)
aka Movie Nut (1914)

Making a Living (1914) .... Swindler
aka Busted Johnny, A (1914)
aka Doing His Best (1914)
aka Take My Picture (1914) (USA)
aka Troubles (1914)

After a year with Keystone, Chaplin moved to Essanay. He wrote, directed and acted in all of his movies at Essanay except one (His Regeneration). 'Broncho Billy' Anderson (who owned Essanay) wanted Chaplin to be in drama with him.

Night in the Show, A (1915) .... Mr. Pest and Mr. Rowdy
aka Charlie at the Show (1915)
aka Night at the Show, A (1915)

Mixed Up (1915)

Shanghaied (1915) .... Tramp
aka Charlie Shanghaied (1915) (USA)
aka Charlie on the Ocean (1915)
aka Charlie the Sailor (1915)

Bank, The (1915) .... Janitor
aka Charlie Detective (1915)
aka Charlie at the Bank (1915)
aka Charlie in the Bank (1915) (USA)

Woman, A (1915) .... Gentleman AND Nora Nettlerash
aka Charlie the Perfect Lady (1915) (USA)
aka Perfect Lady, The (1915)

Work (1915) .... Izzy A. Wake's assistant
aka Charlie at Work (1915)
aka Charlie the Decorator (1915) (USA)
aka Only a Working Man (1915)
aka Paperhanger, The (1915)
aka Plumber, The (1915)

By the Sea (1915) .... Stroller
aka Charlie by the Sea (1915) (USA)
aka Charlie's Day Out (1915)

Tramp, The (1915) .... Tramp
aka Charlie on the Farm (1915) (USA)
aka Charlie the Hobo (1915)
aka Charlie the Tramp (1915) (USA)

Jitney Elopement, A (1915) .... Suitor, the Fake Count
aka Charlie's Elopement (1915)
aka Married in Haste (1915)

In the Park (1915) .... Charlie
aka Charlie in the Park (1915)
aka Charlie on the Spree (1915)

Champion, The (1915) .... Challenger
aka Battling Charlie (1915)
aka Champion Charlie (1915)
aka Charlie the Champion (1915) (USA)

Night Out, A (1915) .... Reveller
aka Champagne Charlie (1915)
aka Charlie's Drunken Daze (1915) (USA)
aka Charlie's Night Out (1915) (USA)
aka His Night Out (1915) (USA)

His New Job (1915) .... Film Extra
aka Charlie's New Job (1915)

His Regeneration (1915)

Burlesque on Carmen (1915) .... Darn Hosiery
aka Charlie Chaplin's Burlesque on Carmen (1915) (Additional footage was added to this film and released in 1916 as a drama)

Police (1916) .... Tramp
aka Charlie in the Police (1916) (USA)
aka Charlie the Burglar (1916)
aka Housebreaker (1916)

Triple Trouble (1918) .... The Janitor - late release
aka Charlie's Triple Trouble (1918) (USA)

After a year with Essanay, Charlie signed with Mutual to make 12 films.

Rink, The (1916) .... A Waiter. Posing as Sir Cecil Seltzer
aka Rolling Around (1916) (USA)
aka Waiter (1916) (USA)

Behind the Screen (1916) .... David (Goliath's assistant)
aka Pride of Hollywood, The (1916) (USA)

Pawnshop, The (1916) .... Pawnshop assistant
aka At the Sign of the Dollar (1916) (USA)
aka High and Low Finance (1916) (USA)

Count, The (1916) .... Tailor's Apprentice
aka Almost a Gentleman (1916) (USA)

One A.M. (1916) .... Drunk
aka Solo (1916) (USA)

Vagabond, The (1916) .... Street Musician
aka Gipsy Life (1916) (USA)

Fireman, The (1916) .... Fireman
aka Fiery Circle, The (1916) (USA)
aka Gallant Fireman, A (1916) (USA)

Floorwalker, The (1916) .... Tramp
aka Shop (1916) (USA)
aka Store, The (1916)

Adventurer, The (1917) .... The Convict

Immigrant, The (1917) .... Immigrant
aka Broke (1917)
aka Hello U.S.A. (1917) (USA)
aka Modern Columbus, A (1917) (USA)
aka New World, The (1917) (USA)

Cure, The (1917) .... The Inebriate
aka Water Cure, The (1917) (USA)

Easy Street (1917) .... The Derelict

George Kleine Distributors released a compilation of Essanay clips in England for the troops of World War I in 1917 and then released it in the US the following year

Chase Me Charlie (1917) .... Charlie

After the contract with Mutual was over, Chaplin decided to open his own studio. He signed with First National to distribute his films.

Dog's Life, A (1918) .... Tramp

Bond, The (1918)...Tramp

Shoulder Arms (1918) .... Recruit

Sunnyside (1919) .... Farm handyman

Day's Pleasure, A (1919) .... Father
aka Ford Story, A (1919) (USA)

Kid, The (1921) .... Tramp

Idle Class, The (1921) .... Tramp and Husband
aka Vanity Fair (1921) (USA)

Pay Day (1922) .... Laborer

Pilgrim, The (1923) .... The Pilgrim

In 1919, Chaplin went in with Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford and D.W. Griffith to form United Artists. He had a couple of films left on his contract for First National. He also made a couple of cameo appearance on the next few years. Here's the list of those:

Nut, The (1921) .... Cameo appearance

Hollywood (1923) .... Cameo appearance
aka Joligud (1923)

Souls for Sale (1923) .... Celebrity

Show People (1928).... Cameo appearance

Chaplin made 8 films that were released through United Artists.

Woman of Paris, A (1923) .... Porter

Gold Rush, The (1925) .... The Lone Prospector

Circus, The (1928) (as Charlie Chaplin) .... A Tramp

City Lights (1931) (as Charlie Chaplin) .... A Tramp
aka City Lights: A Comedy Romance in Pantomime (1931) (USA)

Modern Times (1936) (as Charlie Chaplin) .... A factory worker

Great Dictator, The (1940) .... Adenoid Hynkel AND a Jewish barber

Monsieur Verdoux (1947) .... Henri Verdoux

Limelight (1952) .... Calvero

Chaplin later made two films

King in New York, A (1957) .... King Shadov

Countess from Hong Kong, A (1967) .... An old steward


We found one film by Chaplin that we haven't been able to find out much about. The odd thing about it is that it's released by a German Studio starring (of course) Chaplin. (Humboldt-Film GmbH)

Charlie's Abenteuer (1928)

Dozens and dozens of cartoons have a Chaplin character but here's a cartoon where Chaplin was the main character that had to have been with Chaplin's approval.

Over the Rhine With Charlie (1918)


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