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LAMP's Continuation
on our LEGEND
presentation of


This section is arranged by Actor
We have a lot more to add to this section.

Richard Armstrong

1986 - Min pappa är Tarzan


1962 - Toofani Tarzan
1963 - Tarzan aur Gorilla
1963 - Tarzan aur Jadugar
1964 - Tarzan's Beloved
1964 - Tarzan and Captain Kishore
1964 - Tarzan aur Jalpari
1965 - Tarzan and Cleopatra
1965 - Tarzan and the Circus
1966 - Tarzan Ki Mehbooba
1966 - Tarzan aur Jadui Chirag
1968 - Tarzan in Fairy Land
1970 - Tarzan 303

Tamer Balci

1952 - Tarzan in Istanbul

Brick Bardo
(W. Germany)

1964 - Jungle Tales of Tarzan


Lex Barker
(May 8,1919-May 11, 1973)

Born Alexander Crichlow Barker Jr. in Rye, New York, from a noble family that disowned him when he became an actor. Entered service in WWII and rose to become a Major. Left service upon breaking his leg and then persued an acting career. After his Tarzan movies, Lex moved to Europe where he became a movie star there (he spoke French, German, Italian and Spanish). He had several marriages including Lana Turner and Arlene Dahl. He came back to the US to revive his career here only to die in the streets of New York from a heart attack at the young age of 54.

1949 - Tarzan's Magic Fountain
1950 - Tarzan and the Slave Girl
1951 - Tarzan's Peril
1952 - Tarzan's Savage Fury
1953 - Tarzan and the She-Devil

here's great sites on Lex Barker:
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Karl Blomer
(W. Germany)

1978 - Jane is Jane Forever

Don Bragg

1964 - Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar

Hemant Brije

1985 - Tarzan

Herman Brix
(Bruce Bennett)
(May 19, 1909-

Born in Tacoma, Washington, Herman won the silver medal in the 1928 Olympics in the shot put. He was picked to play Tarzan, by Burroughs himself because he was so upset on how his creation was being depicted. MGM was so powerful though, that it blocked most of the distributionof the films in the US. The films became very popular in Europe. Brix became disgrutled and dropped out to take acting lessons. He changed his name to Bruce Bennett and went on to play in dozens of movies.

1935 - New Adventures of Tarzan - serial
1935 - New Adventures of Tarzan - full length
1938 - Tarzan and the Green Goddess

here's other sites on Herman Brix,
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Talat Bulut

1994 - Tarzan of Maniza


David Carpenter

1973 - Tarzan in King Solomon's Mines

John Cavas

1937 - Toofani Tarzan

Charley Chase

1933 - Nature in the Wrong - aka Tarzan in the Wrong


Buster Crabbe
(Feb. 17, 1907 - Apr. 23, 1983)

Born Clarence Linden Crabbe went to USC and became a 1932 Olympic gold medal swimmer. Sol Lessor tried to promote a Olympic swimmer rivalry with Weissmuller but it didn't work. Paramount and Universal put him in a number of serials and westerns. After WWII,after a string of Billy the Kid westerns, he resumed commercial life with several businesses and only occasional appearances.

1933 - Tarzan the Fearless - the film
1933 - Tarzan the Fearless - serial

Ron Ely
(June 21, 1938-                               

Born Ronald Pierce in Hereford, Texas. Ron was initially picked to play against Mike Henry who had played Tarzan in a film and was cast for the TV series. When Henry didn't accept the role, Ron was called to take his place.

1967 - Tarzan and Mountains of the Moon
1967 - Tarzan and the Perils of Charity Jones
1967 - Tarzan's Jungle Rebellion
1968 - Tarzan and the 4 0'clock Army
1970 - Tarzan's Deadly Silence

Here's other sites that have info on Ron Ely,
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Peng Fei
1940 - Adventures of Chinese Tarzan

Silver Fox
Tony Goldwin
1999 - Tarzan (Disney Animation)

Gordon Griffith
(July 4, 1907-Oct. 12, 1958
Even though Elmo Lincoln is considered the first Tarzan, for the first third of the movie, Tarzan was depicted as a child, making Gordon Griffith the actual FIRST Tarzan shown on screen. Besides playing a young Tarzan, he also played Tarzan's son in Son of Tarzan (1920) and was in Adventures of Tarzan (1921)
Steve Hawkes
1969 - Tarzán en la gruta del oro - aka Tarzan in the Golden Grotto - aka Zan, King of the Jungle
1972 - Tarzán y el arco iris - aka Tarzan and the Rainbow

Mike Henry

Born in 1937, Mike was a linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers and then the LA Rams. He played a few small parts before being asked to take the Tarzan reins from Jock Mahoney. After 3 movies in a row, he was suppose to do the TV series, but he sued to be released from his contract because of animal bites and injuries and Ron Ely took over. Continued his acting and later became known as Junior in the Smokey the Bandit series.

1966 - Tarzan and the Valley of Gold
1967 - Tarzan and the Great River
1968 - Tarzan and the Jungle Boy

Rudolph Hrusinsky

1962 - Tarzanova smrt

Ralph Hudson

1964 - Tarzak Contro Gli Uomini Leopardo
1965 - Tarzak Against the Leopardmen

1963 - Rocket Tarzan

Vladamir Korenev

1963 - Tarzan des Mers

Christopher Lambert

1983 - Greystoke, Legend of Tarzan

Elmo Lincoln
(Feb 6, 1889-June 27, 1952)

Born Elmo Linkenhelt, he was an Arkansas peace officer when he went to work for D.W. Griffith. Griffith changed his name to Elmo Lincoln and featured him in several films. He also played in a Rayart serial of 10 chapters in 1927 called 'King of the Jungle'. He played the elevator operator in Tarzan's New York Adv. and a fisherman in Tarzan's Magic Fountain.

1918 - Tarzan of the Apes
1918 - Romance of Tarzan
1921 - Adventures of Tarzan

Andy Luotto

1980 - Tarzan Andy

Jock Mahoney

Born Jacques O'Mahoney in 1919 in Chicago, Jock became a fighter pilot and instructor in the war. Jock made it to Hollywood and was cast in dozens of films and serials, primarily westerns, from Ranger Rider to Yancy Derringer. Jock played the villian in the last Gordon Scott Tarzan film. When Scott left, Sean Connery was cast as the next Tarzan. When he couldn't Jock was called to step in. He only made 2 films, but due to animal bites, illness and dysentery, he had to step down. Jock came back later to play the villian again with Ron Ely as Tarzan in Tarzan's Deadly Silence.

1962 - Tarzan Goes to India
1963 - Tarzan's 3 Challenges


1959 - Thozan



1938 - Tarzan Ki Beta

Taylor Mead

1964 - Tarzan and Jane Regained Sort of..

Frank Merrill
(Mar. 21, 1893-Feb. 12, 1966)

He was national gymnastics champion from 1916 to 1918. Frank worked as a stuntman and was the double for Elmo Lincoln in Adventures of Tarzan (1921). He got the job as Tarzan when Joe Bonono who was scheduled as Tarzan broke his leg just before shooting began. Merrill is credited with developing the vine swinging technique used in the Tarzan movies. His voice was considered unsuitable for talkies so he retired from show biz. He became Park Commissioner for Los Angeles and gym instructor at the YMCA.

1928 - Tarzan the Mighty
1929 - Tarzan the Tiger

Dennis Miller
UCLA basketball star

1959 - Tarzan the Ape Man

Glenn Morris
Olympic decathlete

1938 - Tarzan's Revenge

Kit Morris

1963 - Tarzan chez les Coujpeurs de tete


Miles O'Keefe

James Pierce
(Aug. 8, 1900-Dec. 11, 1983)

Born in Freedom, Indiana and was an All-American center for Indian University. At a party at the home of Burroughs, he was talked into playing Tarzan. He was the first radio Tarzan with Burrough's daughter Joan as Jane. Burroughs then talked him into playing Tarzan in the last silent Tarzan made. When the film was finished, he married Burroughs' daughter.

Gene Pollar
(Sep. 16, 1892-Oct. 20, 1971)

Born Joseph C. Pohler,and was a New York City fireman when Numa Pictures offered him $100 a week to play Tarzan. When Revenge was so successful, Universal offered him a two-year contract at $350 a week, but Numa wouldn't release him. Disgruntled with show biz he returned to New York as a fireman.

Joe Robinson

1963 - Tarzan roi de la Force Brutale

Gordon Scott
(Aug. 3, 1927 -     


Born Gordon Weschkul in Portland, Oregon and became a military Drill Instructor and MP. When he left the service in 1947 he tried several different jobs until he was noticed as a lifeguard in Las Vegas. After his Tarzan movies he went to Europe to make several other movies and become very popular there.

1955 - Tarzan's Hidden Jungle
1957 - Tarzan and the Lost Safari
1958 - Tarzan and the Trappers
1958 - Tarzan's Fight For Life
1959 - Tarzan's Greatest Adventure
1960 - Tarzan the Magnificent


here are other sites that have more info on him:
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Karmuala Searlel

mauled to death by a raging elephant on set.

Dara Singh

1965 - Tarzan and King Kong
1965 - Tarzan Comes to Delhi

Soren Sogren

1981 - Rubber Tarzan

Raul Solnado

1958 - Tarzan do 50 Esquerdo, O


P. Dempsey Tabler


1050 - Toto Tarzan

Casper Van Dien

Michael Weiss

2002 - Tarzan and Jane (animation)

Johnny Weissmuller
(June 2, 1904-Jan. 20, 1984)

Born Peter Jonas Weissmuller in Freidorf of what is now Romania. After moving to Chicago, he took up swimming to overcome illness. he went on to be the undefeated winner of five Olympic gold medals, 67 world and 52 national titles, holder of every freestyle record from 100 yards to the half-mile. MGM took over his BVD promo contract and cast him as their new Tarzan.

1932 - Tarzan the Ape Man
1934 - Tarzan and His Mate
1936 - Tarzan Escapes
1939 - Tarzan Finds a Son
1941 - Tarzan's Secret Treasure
1942 - Tarzan's New York Adventure
1943 - Tarzan's Desert Mystery
1943 - Tarzan Triumphs
1945 - Tarzan and the Amazons
1946 - Tarzan and the Leopard Woman
1947 - Tarzan and the Huntress
1948 - Tarzan and the Mermaids


here are other sites on him:
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Richard Yesteran

1972 - Tarzán y el misterio de la selva
1974 - Tarzan Goes to Kawana

Extra! Extra!
In the early 70's, Mike Douglas had the main surviving Tarzans on his show with his guest Totie Fields. Here's a photo that was released:

From left to right: Johnny Weissmuller, Mike Douglas, Gordon Scott, Totie Fields, Jock Mahoney, Buster Crabbe, Denny Miller and James Pearce.

This section is for reference use. Images found on this site are property of L.A.M.P. and are for reference purposes only with NO rights implied or given. See LAMP Disclaimer
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