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In the mid-1980s, movie studios began to take back control of their movie paper advertising, phasing out the use of National Screen Service. It was at this time that many of the standard paper sizes, such as the inserts, window cards, half-sheets, and heralds were no longer useful in the new multi-screen theatres. In their place, studios chose to supplement their use of one-sheets with newer advertising tools, including the mini-sheet.

As its name implies, the "mini-sheet" is simply a small poster, printed on poster paper. They come in a variety of sizes, depending on the studio and the film. In many cases, the mini sheet is an exact duplicate of the one-sheet, only smaller. The size of mini sheets can range from that of a half sheet down to almost that of a herald, depending on the purposes outlined by the studio. Quite often, mini sheets are printed as advances to help generate interest in the film.


While the mini sheet can be displayed in the lobby, it is most often used in connection with special promotions or giveaways. Since mini sheets are frequently given away at movie premieres or special screenings, they are printed in greater numbers. They are used in the same manner as the herald. As a result, the mini sheet is moving more into the promotional paper category.

Many hard line movie art collectors have not accepted the substitution of the mini sheet for inserts, half sheets, window cards, lobby cards, etc. However, mini sheets are gaining popularity with many new collectors because of their frameable sizes and because they most often look identical to the one sheet.





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