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For major film releases, some studios would issue more than one "style" of its regular release one sheet or half sheet. Each style was labeled and had its own unique artwork. The studios felt that two versions could appeal to two very different segments of the movie-going public. For example, one style could represent the films romantic side, while another style could emphasize the same films action or adventure elements.

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While most studios would issue two versions, some would release as many as four different styles at a time. The styles were normally marked as "Style A" or "Style B." These markings were used by the majority of the studios. However, some studios, like MGM, would use "Style C" and "Style D." During the 1930's, some Universal posters were marked as "Style X" and "Style Y." The style notation is normally found on the lower border of the poster.
Occasionally, a movie studio would have an early preview of an upcoming movie especially for movie critics. Upon getting their comments, if they were favorable, they would issue a separate poster at the general release called the review style. This style had less artwork, leaving room for the comments of the critics.


When movie studios issued several versions of their one sheets or half sheets, they may not necessary have printed the same amount for each style. If that is the case, then the style with the smallest distribution would normally be considered more collectible than the style with the largest distribution. In some cases, one style's artwork may be more desirable. However, in the majority of cases, the value of the poster will be determined by the title, and not the style of the poster.





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