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The 30 sheet normally measures 118" x 285", and is used mostly for billboard advertising, although some are placed on the sides of large buildings. They come in a number of pieces and are placed together like a puzzle.

Their artwork is designed to catch the attention of motorists as they drove by. They are issued primarily for major motion pictures and seems to be a size that the Disney studio still likes. It got its name from the fact that it is approximately 30 times the size of a one sheet.

The 24 sheet was and still is the dominant billboard size, but in the 1990s the 30 sheet made its appearance and is still used on some major productions.


Very few 30 sheets are available in the movie art collectors market. There are printed in limited numbers. Since they are used outside, most of them are destroyed when they are removed from the billboard. Thus, it is rare to find 30 sheet that is intact unless it was never actually used on the billboard. There are very few collectors who handle this size because it is so large. The 30 sheet has been used as murals in clubs and large halls.


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