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Six Sheet

Six sheets measure 81" x 81" and are printed on paper. They got their name from the fact that they are approximately six times the size of the one sheet. Sometimes they were issued in more than one style, with one style featuring the same artwork as the one sheet.

As with other large size paper, six sheets are meant to be viewed from a distance. As such, the artwork is usually coarser looking and lacks the clarity and crispness of the smaller paper. BUT because of their size, quite often there are additional stars pictured on the six sheet that are not on the smaller size posters.

The NSS numbers are located on the bottom right border like the one sheet and also printed on each piece.


Six sheets were one of the original sizes that were agreed upon by 'the Trust' and brought over from the circus and vaudeville.


Because of their larger size and the fact that they come in two to four pieces, six sheets are not as widely sought-after as are the smaller sized posters. All parts of the six sheet are necessary to make the poster collectible from a movie art standpoint. Any missing piece renders the poster uncollectable.

There are certain movie art collectors that prefer the larger sized posters. Some collectors like the six sheets because there were fewer of them printed, making less of them available on the market.

Six sheets are also popular with different types of clubs or theme restaurants, because a six sheet, with all of its parts, can make an entire wall display based on a particular "theme."

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