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This is a new publication being released the end of February 2004 from Bruce Hershenson and Movie Collectors World..(Both are sponsors of LAMP by the way!!). This is a 68 page magazine (like Movie Collectors World) filled to the brim with actual sales prices.... NO dealers offering prices!.... and the best thing....... Bruce is selling it for only $10 plus shipping!! This is a MUST HAVE for all collectors. Here is the letter from Bruce with the details......

Movie Poster Price Results (2004 edition)

This publication lists 20,000 verified sales results from eMoviePoster.com's 2003 auctions (EVERY item that sold for $17 or more) and ALSO, in a separate table, EVERY item eMoviePoster.com has EVER (from 1990 to 2002) auctioned for $400 or more (over 5,000 verified sales results)! EVERY result gives the condition of the item sold (vital information lacking from any other database), and important extra info, like style type.

WHY ARE ONLY eMoviePoster.com's RESULTS INCLUDED IN THIS PUBLICATION? Because (since we own this business) we know for certain that every one of these sales actually took place and, except for some of the very oldest sales, which are clearly marked, we know for certain that the listed price is the actual price that was paid for that item IN CASH! There are other movie paper databases and price guides, but they are filled with guessed at prices or "asking prices" and in far too many cases NO ONE has ever paid the listed price for a particular poster. In our database you know for sure that every listed price represents an actual sale (we know of no other dealer or auction house that maintains a database of actual sales results, deleting sales that "fell through", or changing prices where the price was re-negotiated. It is also a fact of life that "reported sales results" from other dealers and auction houses must be taken with a large grain of salt, for there is no guarantee that many of those sales actually occurred (since there is no government regulation of any aspect of the auction business, as there is with so many other major financial businesses), or if they did, that the actual price paid was the reported price. If an auction house chooses to, they can report any results they want (real, inflated, or imagined) since they keep all transactions private and there is no way to verify what they say. WHEN YOU SEE ANY RESULT IN THIS PUBLICATION, YOU KNOW THAT EXACT PRICE WAS PAID (IN CASH) FOR THAT EXACT POSTER!

Due to space limitations, the first table in this publication contains roughly half of all the items eMoviePoster.com sold in the year 2003. We chose to drop out those items that for the lowest amounts (those under $17) because we reasoned that many of those items are among the least desirable items, and that many were probably in lesser condition, which would help account for their selling for low amounts.
The second table in this publication contains roughly 5% of all the items eMoviePoster.com sold between 1990 and 2002, again due to space limitations. We chose to include the very highest priced items we sold during that period, those items selling for $400 or more. We reasoned that most people would find the most interest in the older results of the more expensive items, so that they could find items that are rarely offered for sale, and therefore would be far less likely to be included in the 2003 results table.
But if you have an interest in seeing the other 50% of the items eMoviePoster.com sold in the year 2003, and the other 95% of the items eMoviePoster.com sold between 1990 and 2002, you can easily do so! EVERY one of our 140,000+ sales results from the past 14 years can be found in our online database at http://www.emovieposter.com/ebay_results/default.cfm
The online database is completely searchable, and you can search by title (as you can in this printed publication) but you can also search by year, or star, or genre, or even by size, and you can search again within your search results.

Size/Type Abbreviations used in this publication:
1sheet = one-sheet, LC = lobby card, Aust = Australian, WC = window card, 1/2sh = half-sheet, pb = pressbook, 6sh = six-sheet, 2p = two-panel, 3sh = three-sheet, 3p = three-panel, Can 1sh = Canadian one-sheet, Eng = English, Eng FOH LC = English Front of House, lobby card, Eng prog = English program, 1p = one-panel, 2sh = two-sheet, mag. ad = magazine ad, repro = reproduction

Condition Abbreviations used in this publication:
Fn = fine, NM = near mint, Fr = fair, G = good, VG = very good, P = poor, * = we don't know the condition of that item, because this item was sold prior to the time when we saved this information.

Extra Information Abbreviations used in this publication:
Int'l = International release, DS = double-sided, review = review style, TC = Title card, ch = chapter, signed = autographed, taped = poster with many pieces that has been taped together, Ann'y = Anniversary, #pcs = number of pieces poster is in, #pgs = number of pages, FOR = Foriegn release, adv = advance,
**FBO = means that when we sold that item we offered a free full-color book with the purchase. It is possible the buyer bid more for the item because of the free book. We add this information for the sake of accuracy!
+or- = These items were sold from our oldest semi-annual sales catalogs, and the prices listed are the prices that were listed in the catalogs. Because of the way items were sold, some items may have sold for more or less than the listed prices, but every item actually sold for somewhere near that price (unsold items were deleted)

A few final words about this publication. We know that EVERY result from 2003 is exactly correct, because those results were taken from our database from which we paid our consignors, and we make sure that database is 100% accurate. There may be a very few incorrect results in the table that lists results from 1990 to 2002, because most of those items were sold in pre-computer days, and we needed to re-create those results by hand, but if there are any errors they are very few in number, and of course, if we discover any, we will immediately correct them.
Realize that what a poster sold for in the past is not necessarily a good indicator of what it will sell for in the future, but it is certainly an excellent guideline. We intend to publish a 2005 edition of this publication in early 2005, giving all 2004 sales results. No doubt many of the posters in this publication will have re-sold for vastly different amounts!
Finally, I need to say that all of the work involved in creating this publication was done by Phillip Wages (webmaster of eMoviePoster.com) and Brian Bukantis (publisher of Movie Collectors World. Thanks to their fine efforts, all collectors now have a way to get a realistic idea of the value of their movie paper collectibles, using verified price results as guide!

Bruce Hershenson
February 2004


To order a copy of the Price Guide.. click here