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Heralds were first used as early as the 1910's. Heralds were essentially 5" x 7" or 6" x 9" one page flyers. Some heralds were larger in size, and some were more than one page. Printed as an inexpensive ad flyer, the herald normally included a picture of the star or stars and general Information about the movie. One herald was normally included in the press kit, or campaign kit that was sent to the movie exhibitor.

For Sample of Pressbook Ad click HERE

The theatres would take the herald and make copies to be handed out by theatre employees on street corners or in front of the theatre. If the theatre did not want to make the copies, there were several secondary printers that were set up to sell the heralds in quantities. These independent printers were usually listed in the press kit.

For sample, click HERE

Heralds were used up until the mid-1970's, particularly for major promotional campaigns. Studios now use mini sheets and promo cards as mass giveaways.

Heralds are considered collectible but do not command the same dollar value as do the movie's posters. Heralds were distributed by the thousands directly to the public, which lessens their value as a collectible. To a collector, however, heralds are far more affordable.


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