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Thunderball (1965)
One Sheet (1965)OS
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Additional Info:
measures 27x41 and normally issued folded. NOTICE: There is a difference in each block on the 2 different versions. The differences between this version and the other version are: Top Block - this version has the jet pack tank cut off above the line on the top image while the other version shows it. Middle Block - the artwork is cropped different. This version shows the other swimmer on the right and shows more across the bottom while the other version is cropped closer. Bottom Block - In this version the girl on the bottom right has her foot showing while on the other version the foot is cut off. On the bottom border, this version shows NSS tag and typed NSS number on the left and the copyright line on the right, while the other version shows the copyright line on the left and NSS tag and written NSS number on the right.

Artist Information
Robert McGinnis
Frank McCarthy
Type Number Description
NSS [US] 65/372  
WARNING - Controversial Poster
measures 27x41 and normally issued folded.
*************REISSUE ALERT*********************
The original theater poster was released 27x41 folded with the NSS tag and NSS number 65/372 in the bottom border. In 1980 United Artist released all the early James Bond posters again printed from the original plates. Even though the re-release posters also measured 27x41, the difference was that the 80 release did NOT have any NSS info. The paper was also glossy and not a flat finish like the original. Another difference is no NSS stamp on the backside.
See the R80 one sheet
Additional information provided by Richard Ducar, Evan Bernstein, Dave Juret, HeritageMoviePosters.com and HollywoodDreamFactory.com
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