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Along Came Ruth (1933) 
Barber Shop Blues (1933) 
Bard of Broadway, The (1930) 
Ben Pollack & His Orchestra (1934) 
Big City Fantasy (1934) 
Broadway Brevity: Cut Out for Love (1937) 
Clear the Decks (1929) 
Cole Case, The (1931) 
Crane Poison Case, The (1932) 
Crashing the Gate (1933) 
Don Redman & His Orchestra (1934) 
Du Barry Did All Right (1937) 
Dublin in Brass (1935) 
Dumb Luck (1935) 
Eddie Duchin & His Orchestra (1933) 
Fighting Judge, The (1938) 
Flame Song, The (1934) 
His Majesty, the American (1919) 
In the Spotlight (1935) 
Island of Desire (1930) 
Johnny Green & His Orchestra (1935) 
Larry Clinton & His Orchestra (1939) 
Larry Clinton and His Orchestra (1938) 
Leather Burners, The (1943) 
Little Jack Little & Orchestra (1936) 
Love Trader, The (1930) 
Maid for a Day (1936) 
Main Street Follies (1935) 
Melody Master: Blue Barron and His Orchestra (1939) 
Melody Master: Clyde Lucas and His Orchestra (1938) 
Melody Master: Clyde McCoy and His Orchestra (1938) 
Melody Master: His Busy Day (1938) 
Melody Master: Jimmy Lunceford and His Orchestra (1937) 
Melody Master: Peter Van Steeden and His Orchestra (1937) 
Melody Master: Red Nichols and His World Famous Pennies (1935) 
Melody Master: Russ Morgan and His Orchestra (1939) 
Melody Masters: Lennie Hayton and His Orchestra (1937) 
Mild West, The (1933) 
Moonlight and Honeysuckle (1921) 
Movie-Mania (1937) 
Murder in the Pullman (1932) 
Night Intruder (1938) 
No Contest! (1934) 
Phil Spitalny and His Musical Queens (1934) 
Pure Feud (1934) 
Red Hot Speed (1929) 
Roof Tops of Manhattan (1935) 
Sainted Devil, A (1924) 
Say! Young Fellow (1918) 
Side Show Mystery, The (1932) 

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