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Armored Car Robbery (1950) 
Armoured Car Robbery (1950) 
Battle at Apache Pass, The (1952) 
Black Sleep, The (1956) 
Broken Lariat (1962) 
California Outpost (1953) 
Chief Crazy Horse (1955) 
Claim Jumpers (1952) 
Dead Reckoning (1947) 
Desert Hawk, The (1950) 
Dr. Cadman's Secret (1963) 
Duel at Silver Creek, The (1952) 
Duel on the Mississippi (1955) 
Flame of Araby (1951) 
Flame of the Desert (1951) 
Flaming Feather (1951) 
Frontier Rangers (1959) 
Fury River (1961) 
Gallant Legion, The (1948) 
Gambler from Natchez, The (1954) 
Gold, Glory and Custer (1962) 
Golden Horde of Genghis Khan, The (1951) 
Golden Horde, The (1951) 
Gun Brothers (1956) 
Gun Fight (1961) 
Harem Holiday (1965) 
Harum Scarum (1965) 
In Old Los Angeles (1948) 
Invisible Informer, The (1946) 
Kissin' Cousins (1964) 
Lady from Texas, The (1951) 
Magnificent Rogue, The (1947) 
Mission of Danger (1959) 
Old Los Angeles (1948) 
Plunderers, The (1948) 
Prince Who Was a Thief, The (1951) 
Princess of the Nile (1954) 
Sea Hornet, The (1951) 
Son of Ali Baba (1952) 
Son of Cochise (1954) 
Steel Town (1952) 
Taza, Son of Cochise (1954) 
Three Bad Sisters (1955) 
Three Young Texans (1954) 
Untamed Frontier (1952) 
Valley of Fury (1955) 
War Drums (1957) 
Wild Westerners, The (1962) 
Wings of the Hawk (1953) 

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