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Angel of Vengeance (1987) 
Black Garters (1981) 
Blood Monster (1971) 
Blood Shack (1971) 
Body Fever (1969) 
Chooper, The (1971) 
Deadlocked (1969) 
Debbie Does Las Vegas (1982) 
Diabolical Dr. Voodoo (1963) 
Fire Down Below (1974) 
Hollywood Strangler in Las Vegas, The (1986) 
Hollywood Strangler Meets the Skid Row Slasher, The (1979) 
Hollywood Strangler, The (1979) 
Horny Vampire, The (1971) 
Incredibly Strange Creature:
Or Why I Stopped Living and Became a
Mixed-up Zombie, The (1963)
Incredibly Strange Creatures
Who Stopped Living and Became
Mixed-Up Zombies, The (1964)
Indian Lady (1981) 
Indian Lady (1981) 
Las Vegas Serial Killer (1986) 
Lemon Grove Kids Go Hollywood (1965) 
Lemon Grove Kids Meet the Green Grasshopper and the Vampire Lady from Outer Space, The (1965) 
Lemon Grove Kids Meet the Monsters (1965) 
Mad Love Life of a Hot Vampire, The (1971) 
Perverted Passion (1974) 
Plato's Retreat West (1983) 
Rat Fink a Boo Boo (1965) 
Rat Pfink a Boo Boo (1965) 
Rat Pfink and Boo Boo (1965) 
Red Heat (1975) 
Sacrilege (1971) 
Sex Rink (1976) 
Sexorcist Devil (1974) 
Sexorcist's Devil, The (1974) 
Sinthia, the Devil's Doll (1968) 
Summer of Fun (1997) 
Supercool (1969) 
Teenage Dessert (1976) 
Teenage Hustler (1975) 
Teenage Psycho Meets Bloody Mary, The (1963) 
Teenage She Devil (1968) 
The Model Killer (1979) 
The Thrill Killers (1964) 
Thrill Killers, The (1965) 
Triple Play (1974) 
Undressed to Kill (1974) 
War Cat (1987) 
Weekend Cowgirls (1983) 
Wild Guitar (1962) 

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