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8 gatsu no shinfonî: Shibuya 2002-2003 (2009) 
8 X 8 (1955) 
8x10's (1999) 
A Arvore da Música (2009) 
A Barnyard Mixup (1915) 
A Blind Eye (Unexpected Views) (2009) 
A Box (2002) 
A Box of Bandits (1915) 
A Box of Tricks (1917) 
A Case of Explosives (1912) 
A Case of Smallpox (1912) 
A Change of Complexion (1909) 
A Change of Complexion (1914) 
A Child's War (2009) 
A Clown's Requiem (2009) 
A Complete History of My Sexual Failures (2008) 
A Costly Exchange (1915) 
A Country Girl's Seminary Life and Experiences (1908) 
A Couteaux Tires (1964) 
A Crooked Mix-Up (1916) 
A Dangerous Experiment (1914) 
A Daughter of Dixie (1916) 
A Dixie Mother (1910) 
A Dixie Mother (1913) 
A Doorman's Lullaby (2009) 
A Dutch Soldier's Christmas Box (1902) 
A Esperança Está Onde Menos Se Espera (2009) 
A Fair Exchange (1909) 
A Fair Exchange (1913) 
A Family Mixup (1912) 
A Fight for Freedom; Or, Exiled to Siberia (1914) 
A Floridian's Guide to Climate Change (2009) 
A Friggin' Christmas Miracle (2009) 
A Frog's Folly (2009) 
A Funny Story (Facial Expression) (1903) 
A Gentlemen's Guide to Flipping Someone Off (2009) 
A Girl Spy in Mexico (1913) 
A Good Day to Be Black & Sexy (2006) 
A Good Night's Sleep (2009) 
A Good Test of High Explosives (1901) 
A Good Whack: The Making of 'Tonya and Nancy: The Opera' (2009) 
A Gueixa (1909) 
A Hard Day's Work (2009) 
A Hasty Exit (1914) 
A Hero by Proxy (1916) 
A Hero's Unsung Dignity (2009) 
A hetedik kör (2009) 
A Hindu's Indictment of Heaven (2009) 
A Hospital Hoax (1912) 
A Kiss in the Taxi (1927) 

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