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A Modern Romance (1913) 
A Moi le Jour, a Toi la Nuit (1932) 
A Moreninha (1915) 
A New Day in Old Sana'a (2005) 
A Noise of Many Waters (2008) 
A Nous les Petites Anglaises (1976) 
A Pair of Silk Stockings (1918) 
A Pit-boy's Romance (1917) 
A Polished Burglar (1911) 
A Pottery Girl's Romance (1918) 
A Prisoner of the Harem (1912) 
A Puritan Courtship (1911) 
A Race with Time (1912) 
A Railroad Lochinvar (1912) 
A Reading of Tristan & Isolde (2009) 
A Record Romance (1912) 
A Rectangular Love Story (2009) 
A Reno Romance (1910) 
A River Between Us (2009) 
A Romance at Catalina (1912) 
A Romance of Hawaii (1915) 
A Romance of Haymaking (1910) 
A Romance of Mayfair (1925) 
A Romance of Old Baghdad (1922) 
A Romance of Old California (1915) 
A Romance of the Air (1918) 
A Romance of the Backwoods (1915) 
A Romance of the Ozarks (1913) 
A Romance of the Rail (1903) 
A Romance of Wastdale (1921) 
A Romany Lass (1918) 
A Rosa do Adro (1919) 
A Rose of Old Mexico (1913) 
A Rural Conqueror (1911) 
A Rural Elopement (1909) 
A Scandal in Paris (1946) 
A Self-Made Hero (1910) 
A Self-Made Widow (1917) 
A Serenade by Proxy (1913) 
A Short Affair (2005) 
A Snakeville Romance (1914) 
A Soul in Bondage (1913) 
A Spanish Love Song (1912) 
A Successful Adventure (1918) 
A Summer Flirtation (1910) 
A Sweet Deception (1913) 
A Tale of Two Cafes (1946) 
A Telephone Engagement (1914) 
A Temperamental Wife (1919) 
A Thousand Years of Good Prayers (2007) 

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