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Our Membership program is designed for anyone who needs or wants more advanced information about related areas of the film industry.


We are researchers that enjoy documenting and preserving all related information with the film industry and associated areas. We are constantly adding material in a wide variety of directions.

1.Advanced Research - Access to more advanced articles such as tracking lithographer numbers, tracking studio logos, printers logs, more in depth bios, and a lot more coming! This has been moved to GlobalCinemaResearch.org

2. Access to Larger images in our Movie Poster Data Base. For those that want or need larger images, we now are making them available. When you are logged in, an icon will appear just below the poster image that will let you know when a larger image is available. We have over 10,000 larger images already online and adding more

3. Access to our research books. We have written 10 specialty research books including: 32,000 production codes for identifying unknown stills; 15,000 NSS trailer numbers for help with trailer identification; 25,000 NSS posters numbers; and our Learn About International Movie Posters book with information on 38 countries.

4. Image request - we have access to almost 500,000 images, direct request for image loading and information. We are constantly loading more images. As a Member, you can request specific titles and we will gladly load all the images that we currently have on that title. Please limit request to 10 titles or less at a time. Once those titles are online, you can then request more....

5. A LOT more benefits are in the process and will be online soon.

Individual Membership prices are:
Annual - $60 per year

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Join us and help build the online library for the hobby and the industry..


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