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The Learn About Network L.L.C. is dedicated to providing research and information in a variety of specific areas. The specific areas chosen, though some are seemingly unrelated, are areas that we believe that we can provide additional information not easily found or consolidated in one place. We have spent many years of research in the preparation of these presentations. We hope you enjoy you visit and come back often
———Synopsis of Sites———

 For the last 30+ years, we have  been collecting film posters. We  have participated in about every  level of collecting; as a collector,  dealer, wholesaler, author and
 now building a comprehensive  reference  site and archive.
            ———————— -  the largest FREE reference site  on movie poster collecting,  presented from an International  view point and then  points to the  different countries for their  specific information.

   Here are the associated sites:
            ———————— - International  view point of the cinema as a  whole. Special emphasis on  history, inventions, etc, with  master index of all poster sites.
            ———————— -  compiling and documenting info  on 1000s movie posters artists  from around the  world.
            ———————— -  preserving and documenting as  many film posters as possible,  cross-referencing to hundreds of  articles for explanations and  research. Currently over 164,000  movie titles are listed with over  61,000 poster images online.

 Here is our corporate website  layout and flowchart.

 For any questions or comments,  please email me.

—Here are associated film sites— - and  price guide - over 300,000 poster  prices from auction houses plus over  60,000 poster listed for sale.  
 MovieVideoDatabase - created  for  collectors of hard to find  movies and  collectors of  paraphenalia such as  DVDs, trailers, films, laserdiscs, etc.

Individual Country sites - indepth  site  about the US Movie Industry  with  histories, biographies, and  anything  associated. - indepth  site about the British Movie Industry  with histories, biographies, and  anything associated.

Film Sites Under Development - about  the Australian Film Industry - about the  Czech Film Industry - about the  French Film Industry - about the  German Film Industry - about the  Italian Film Industry - articles  on everything about poster framing.

—Other developing sites— -  an  indepth look at the use of the  common poster as a means of  communication through the  different wars.

Other sites we're working on
————————————— - the  movie industry in  Louisiana with a  history of films made here.
———————— - an  inside look at Mardi Gras from the  inside.
————————— - A close  look from a logical view  point  tackling difficult questions  and  giving alternatives.


 Learn About Movie Posters - 448  pages of reference covering every  aspect of collecting.

 Dealers Market - 800 pages of  posters from around the world with  prices and conditions

 US Movie Studio Production Codes  - over 20,000 production codes to  help with still identification.

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 Silent Studio Directory

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