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40" x 60" POSTERS

Amazing enough.. 40" x 60" posters measure 40" x 60" and are printed on a very heavy card stock. They were primarily offered for major motion pictures only and were displayed both inside and outside of theatres.

40" x 60"s normally feature the same artwork as the one-sheet. The National Screen Service number is normally found on the side on the poster, as opposed to the lower bottom as is the case with one-sheets. 40" x 60"s were normally shipped in rolled condition to the theatre exchanges.

Because of it's size and being on heavy duty card stock, the 40x60 was used several times as a standee. Additional re-enforcement was placed on the back so it could be stood up in the lobby. For a sample of this, click here



40" x 60"'s were first used as advertising materials in the 1930's for certain titles only. Their heavy card material made them more durable than paper. They were displayed in theatre lobbies, balconies, and bus, train and subway depots.

40" x 60"'s were primarily discontinued in 1984 with the collapse of the NSS distribution system. They are no longer used in todays movie market.


40" x 60"s were printed in smaller numbers than were other sizes of advertising materials. Due to their beautiful artwork and their limited release, 40" x 60"s are sought-after by some collectors that like the larger paper. Since these materials were shipped to the exchanges in rolled condition, 40" x 60"s lose some of their value if they are folded.

Card Stock Chart

For a list of images of 40x60's in the MPDB, click here


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