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August, 2009


POSTER MOUNTAIN has been a silent supporter of LAMP for several years now. Their clients include the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Universal Studios, M.G.M. and Warner Bros.. Founded in 1996 by John Davis, POSTER MOUNTAIN has grown from a tiny 200 sq. ft. studio, into a spacious 5200 sq. ft. poster conservation center. Their client base is worldwide and their small staff is highly experienced. The employees have gone on to positions at a number of prestigious institutions, including: the U.S. National Archives, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Western Center for the Conservation of Fine Arts in Denver and the Stannard Conservation Lab at the University of Kansas. Collectively, with over three decades of expertise, Poster Mountain has dedicated their professional lives to improving and developing the art of poster restoration. In addition, John is now offering authentication services. Please see the article below.



LAMP is happy to announce that we are now shipping our eighth research book, the National Screen Service Trailer Logs.

But don't let the name fool you. This publication provides vital information about not only the trailers BUT also any accessories that were handled by NSS during the years 1930 through 1962. It also provides hard-to-find information on distribution, re-issues, small distributors, and much more.

This 746 page publication consists of three individual logs, each with over15,000 numbers, pre-sorted three different ways: (1) by NSS number/year; (2) by title; and (3) by distributor.

To read more about this great new LAMP book, click HERE.


COMING SOON ... NSS Poster No. Log ... Ads Available

We will be making important announcements regarding the new National Screen Service Poster logs over the next few weeks. If anyone wishes to advertise in this first-of-its-kind publication, please email us so that you can be notified as soon as the specs are completed.




After months of rumor and speculation, a lawsuit has been filed alleging a scheme to pass off fraudulently created high-end lobby cards and window cards as originals. The lobby cards and window cards in question are highly sought-after Universal horror titles. The plaintiff in the lawsuit, Ronald Magid, alleges that the defendent, Kerry Haggard, in concert with other persons in Los Angeles (not named in the suit), obtained photographs of original movie posters, had the photographs affixed to 1930s and 1940s lobby card material and then had the posters and cards airbrushed to look authentic and original. These were subsequently traded to plaintiff as originals. This lawsuit was filed in July and the defendant has not yet filed his answer. Unfortunately, other lawsuits are expected to be filed both connected to this case and other cases. LAMP will monitor this case as well as others that may be filed in the future and give periodic reports. PLEASE NOTE: This lawsuit is in its infancy and conclusions SHOULD NOT BE DRAWN until the case has been fully adjudicated.

We are working with LAMP restorers who are directly involved with the case to provide their reports to LAMP so that a warning may be included by title in our Cinema Poster Archive.

UPDATE: August 29, 2009

As expected, a second lawsuit was filed on August 27, 2009 in connection with an alleged scheme to create and market high-end fake lobby cards, window cards and posters. This second suit was brought by plaintiff James (Jim) A. Gresham against Kerry T. Haggard, Tiffany Haggard, Jaime Mendez, et al. seeking $852,400 plus compensatory damages. As in the previous suit, the plaintiff is alleging that the defendants knowingly created fake high-priced lobby cards, window cards and posters.

PLEASE NOTE: This lawsuit is in its infancy and conclusions SHOULD NOT BE DRAWN until the case has been fully adjudicated. Anyone can accuse anyone of anything.

LAMP MEMBERS: The original lawsuits can be viewed HERE.



Many collectors may not be aware that LAMP has been tagging and marking fake posters for several years in the archive. In response to the recent surge of interest in fake posters, we have created a special link into the archive so you can see the lists of posters that are marked as fakes and be able to find new additions more easily. These are not to be confused with reprints or other controversial posters. The posters are marked as fake when LAMP is provided a report from a knowledgeable, reliable source that a poster is an actual fake. The link gives you a choice to go to the title or to the particular poster. Here is the link



In response to all the high quality fakes, Poster Mountain Inc. has announced that they are now developing a new department tentatively called "Collector's Services." The services offered will include authentications, per piece insurance, professional photography, archival storage and third party escrow services. John Davis has provided the following details of his new services:

AUTHENTICATIONS: Recently, lots of high quality fake posters have hit the market and have fooled lots of people. Some collectors have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars on investment grade posters. To combat this problem, we have set up an authentications laboratory. We can get under the restoration and see what it's covering up on a microscopic level. We can provide full, and irrefutable photographic and descriptive documentation. Following authentication we are also able to provide certification through a unique identification system which is based on creating tiny unique silk screen graphics and codes for each poster which (due to the nature of this type of printing) will be unique and because each "tag" will be catalogued in the online database via a microscope image it will also be virtually impossible to duplicate. Authentication in this way will only need to be performed one time. PLEASE NOTE: We only authenticate pre-1970's posters.

PER PIECE INSURANCE: We are working with an insurance provider (through a third party) which can insure individual posters against damage, or loss. The insurance will pay the cost of repair, restoration, or a full claim if the piece is destroyed or lost (as in shipping).

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY: If there is any demand for this service we can provide this also.

ARCHIVAL STORAGE: Poster Mountain Inc. features a large, climate controlled and fully insured archive which has the capacity to hold thousands of posters safely.

ESCROW SERVICES: Third party escrow services is something we've been doing informally for many years. The buyer will have the posters shipped to us to inspect on their behalf, we can verify that they are genuine and can impartially grade the condition using our "century scale", we can hold on to the posters until a deal is made and then release them. This also gives the buyer an opportunity to insure and authenticate the poster, and protects them against fraudulent misrepresentation of condition.

For more information on this new service, visit John's site HERE.



Congratulations to Grey Smith and his fine staff. Heritage Auction's July Vintage Movie Poster realized a whopping $1.55 million. Here are just some of the highlights of this great auction:

A one sheet movie poster for the 1923 Paramount Pictures release, Hollywood, realized $89,625

A one sheet of 1946’s Gilda, with a sultry, smoking Rita Hayworth as the title siren, brought $33,460.

An exceedingly rare poster from MGM’s first –and arguably most important – musical, The Broadway Melody, came in at just more than $31,000.

A rare one sheet poster for Walt Disney’s Lonesome Ghosts, released by RKO in 1937 – with Mickey, Donald and Goofy as a trio of intrepid “Ghost Exterminators” – realized $21,500

A one sheet for This Gun For Hire, the 1942 noir classic featuring the first pairing if Veronica Lake and Alan Ladd, came in at $21,50

A very rare 1954 three sheet from one of the most important monster/horror movies of all time, Creature from the Black Lagoon, brought $19,120.

A very rare, pre-war Japanese poster for the 1933 film The Ghoul realized $19,120.

A one sheet of The Lady Eve, 1941, realized 17,925.

For more auction results, visit Heritage Auction Galleries. If you are interested in consigning to an upcoming Internet or Signature Vintage Movie Poster Auction, call Grey Smith at (800) 872-6467, ext. 1367, or email

Mini/Major Auction Results,
Upcoming Auctions's SUMMER MINI/MAJOR AUCTIONS (held in TWO parts, ending on the 14th and the 16th), have ended, and Part I took in a total of $72,957.00 in total sales, and Part II took in $100,016.00 in total sales! Note that, as usual in their auctions, there were some very high results, and some real bargains, and many in-between results. Also note that they gave EVERY buyer from either part of these auctions a great full-color t-shirt, and they gave club members insanely great bonuses to those who purchased three to nine items.

SPECIAL SEPTEMBER AUCTION has announced it will be holding a "Special better quality non-U.S. auction from September 15th to September 22nd!"

Bruce and crew were recently consigned a really amazing small collection of WONDERFUL Danish posters (mostly from great 1930s movies with sensational graphics), and they have never seen most of these posters before anywhere! Since they had also just been consigned a really choice collection of Japanese B1s and B2s, they have decided that it would be great to hold an auction solely of better quality non-U.S. posters, and they have been contacting consignors, and lots of really cool non-U.S. posters have been arriving, from all years, countries, and sizes! IS NOW TAKING CONSIGNMENTS FOR ITS
TENTH ANNUAL HALLOWEEN AUCTION is now taking consignments for its TENTH annual Halloween auction!

Every year for the past nine years Bruce and company have held a special Halloween auction near to Halloween night, and the results have often been truly "out of this world"! If YOU have any posters or lobby cards or great stills you would like to consign to them for this special auction (ones with a realistic retail of at least $20) then please contact them soon (either by e-mail or by phone during the week at 417 256 9616).

Halloween may SEEM a long way off, but these things have a way of creeping up on you, and the sooner you submit your items, the better the chance that yours will be included (every year they get lots of duplicated items submitted, and they try to go with the first one submitted, unless the 2nd one is in substantially better condition).

If YOU have been toying with the idea of selling some or all of your horror/sci-fi/fantasy collection, there is no better time or place to sell it than in this extra special auction, and if you miss this one, you will have to wait an entire year for the next one!

And if you collect horror/sci-fi/fantasy items then we promise you that you are going to LOVE this auction. More news on it in coming weeks!


BE SURE TO CHECK OUT UPCOMING AUCTIONS has some great poster auctions coming up including:

Be sure to visit to check out these great auctions!



One of the most eagerly anticipated and most popular poster catalogues in the movie poster community are the ones published by DominiqueBesson. Dominique's newest one, Catalogue No. 13, is now available. This great looking, colorful catalogue presents 101 posters with full page color photos.

If you wish to order a printed copy of the catalogue, you can send Dominique $50.00 USD (including shipping) via Paypal to the Paypal Account ID:

You can also download a pdf version of the catalogue FREE by visiting Dominique's site HERE.



LAMP's highest selling movie posters listing has now been updated. Seven posters have been added to the $20,000+ records; 16 posters have been added to the $10,ooo-$20,000 list; and 49 posters have been added to the $5,000-$10,000 range. Click HERE to see the list.



We have some new areas for everyone this month.

1. New Netherlands Home Page - expanded with basic articles.

2.Dutch artist Joop Van Den Berg - we were thrilled to find material on this great Dutch artist and have started adding and tagging his posters.

New areas in our Members Sections -

1. In the US - Lithography section, we have 2 new areas tracking Otis Litho logos and Otis Litho plate numbers

2. We had to do some research on Columbia studio logos outside the US, so we have put online Columbia logo history for Japan, Belgium and Italy. These can be found in the member area of each country.

3. Expanded research on Dutch Filmkeuring with new Filmkeuring Number Log

4. New Belgian Expanded Film History - as we work on the Belgian area, a new Belgian Home Page will be comging soon.


We were contacted by Time-Life recently about our advanced information in the film accessory area. They asked if we were interested in releasing our advance research through their information program that they have for Colleges and Universities. Since we are not good at marketing and don't have the time to approach all the colleges and universities, this might be another way to expand into new markets. One of the things that was presented is the fact that the academic community or information services won't accept commercial sites.

Our first section completed is 'Production Stills'. LAMP Members will have full access and the new Production Still section is now online. The new Production Stills section includes the 2008 US Movie Studio Production Codes AND the new 2009 Movie Studio Production Logs. So HERE IS THE NEW GLOBAL CINEMA Article on Production Stills.



It has always been our intent that LAMP remain neutral - the Switzerland of the movie poster community. This doesn't mean that we are not passionate and have very strong opinions about this hobby as we are first and foremost collectors. Ed particularly likes to rant and rave about certain things happening in this community and the archival community in general. So instead of ranting and raving to me, we have created a new section called "Ed-Itorial" where Ed can let loose and get anything and everything off his chest -- give us his two cents. The comments are his and not that of LAMP, its sponsors, dealers or members. If you're interested in what he has to say, click HERE.





Paul Hein, the owner of Posterworld, has moved from New Jersey to the beautiful sunshine state of Florida. Paul has some great posters in his inventory. You can see his great inventory here.

Movie Posters, Inc.

Mexican Movie Posters
1940's and 1950's
Email your list with prices to
Terry Tirado

Film Art

Each month the Film Art Gallery features posters by a particular actor, director, genre or theme. This month, they salute the legendary actor Steve McQueen. Click HERE to see the posters currently being offered.

Memorabilia Mine

Bill is getting ready for Halloween and has a HUGE new selection of movie costumes.


If you are in the UK during August and September, be sure to visit Terry and Sue from quadbod at one of these great shows:

Fri 7 to Sun 9 August 2009 – Antiques Fair, Stafford
… at Bingley Hall, County Showground, Stafford

 Sat 29 to Mon 31 August 2009 – Stoneleigh Park Country Festival
… at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire … in the Antiques Crafts & Gift Barn

 Sat 12/Sun 13 September 2009 – Autographica 14
… at Hilton Metropole Hotel, NEC Birmingham

 Sat 19/Sun 20 September 2009 – Antiques & Collectors Fair, Shepton Mallet
… at the Royal Bath & West Showground … you’ll find us in Mendip Hall 2

LAMP's new Learn About International Movie Posters will be available for purchase.

For more information, visit their website HERE.



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Our archive is SO large and complex that there are literally THOUSANDS of variable sorts that can be performed to find ALL TYPES of information. This is BY FAR, the MOST COMPLEX AND UNIQUE archive on the internet. We are building this extremely complex system to give YOU access to information that you can't find ANYWHERE ELSE.

We have prepared 4 tutorials to show you HOW to utilize our archive better. Now, unfortunately, because of have to see writing on the pages, we have to use a SLOW loading program so it doesn't lose the video quality. It takes 2 to 3 minutes to load a video. So I placed all 4 on the same page so they will all be loading at the same time, so once you view the first video, the others are immediately available.

General Video Tutorials - see new Tutorial Page

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Sponsor Video Tutorial on How to List Your Posters- see Sponsor Section

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