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This area is here to try to help you in where to go on LAMP.

We understand that LAMP can look very confusing when you first start searching, and since we are constantly adding more information and research, the constant changes definitely enhance that perception. So we wanted to create this special section for Members with some basic information, tips, news and even a place for a break.

Where to find things

Believe it or not.... LAMP is a lot more organized than it looks... ok... maybe more like organized chaos :)
The problem is building a source of information that is constantly expanding and changing. This creates many problems in developing a structure, because you have to constantly create new areas to sort things into categories that didn't HAVE categories before.

So there are a few things to keep in mind when you start looking for specific information..

Images in the Archive

ok.. that's an easy one.  They're in the Movie Poster Data Base.  BUT the archive is a LOT bigger than it looks.. it's actually HUGE.  We have 4 video tutorials on how to use it. It has unlimited sorting capabilities and the more images that we load the greater the sort perimeters. So from the Archive home page or any page in the archive, be sure to take a look at the Advanced Search that is just above the search bar. It has HUNDREDS of sorts. You might also want to look at the Edition 1 - Member News where we highlight just ONE of the search sections.

Global Cinema Research

What is GCR? We have realized that our research goes far beyond just documenting movie posters. We know that the articles have been scattered as they were initially created. So, instead of you having to hunt all the various associated articles, each section will basically be it's own entity with all associated articles, histories, logs, etc . in a presentation format.

Production Stills

We are currently testing to see how to put stills into the archive.  We do have articles on the stills process, about the production code numbers ...We have over 25,000 production codes and almost 5,000 portrait codes that were in our 2011 Movie Still Identification Book. We also have started a New Additions section to continually add more for the next edition. These are located in the General Area, see Production Stills Section

National Screen Service

National Screen Service was a major influence on the film industry for 80 years. Because of their influence, we have given a great deal of attention to them. We have histories, lawsuits, trailer logs, poster logs and much, much more.

Specific Article Information

WAIT!! before you go running off to an article. When we initially put LAMP online, for the first couple of years, it was all written from the US point of view. Because of the constant expansion and opening up of International posters, LAMP has been moving more to an International view point. Consequently, our original Article Index is being converted into a master index that will only have general articles. For specific articles, it will send you to the index of that particular country.

So FIRST think... WHAT COUNTRY.. then you will be able to find the article easier. If you still have trouble, we have a sitewide word search. This is explained more indepth in the Member News


You can click on the Artist Section and then to the country or go to the country and then to its artist section. ... OR from here in the Member Section. No matter which way you go, we have it set up where the general public can click on the artist name and it will sort all the posters by that artist in our Archive. In the Member Sections, we are also compiling the lists of works by the artist, the artist signatures and a bio on the artist. We also have an Artist Signature Log where you can check down and match unknown artist signatures. This log also gives links to our database, country artists and individual artist lists. To get to this list, go to Global and under Special Sections, click on Poster Artists Identification.

Studio Histories

We have documented over 3000 silent studios worldwide in our Silent Studio Directory . The Silent Studio framework is the template and will be expanded out to become a Worldwide Studio Master Index with smaller versions in each country and expanded articles attached for our Members. We had already started taking down studio histories and studio logos to convert them when the NSS project arose.


We now have over 10,000 videos (primarily classic and hard to find) that have been cross referenced in the MoviePosterDataBase. We will continue to expand this section and will be moving into trailers, lazer discs and actual film.

Posters For Sale

Believe it or Not!!! LAMP has more movie posters for sale that ANY other site on the internet... INCLUDING Ebay!! The Poster Archive currently has over 20,000 listed for sale; the Dealers Market has 60,000 listed For Sale; and our LAMP Dealers have over 3,000,000 posters in stock... so what better place to LOOK!!

Other Topics

Research Logs - as we compile research in different countries, we have to create different research logs to help with your research. We have now gotten so many different logs that we have created a Log of Logs... go       to the General Section and click on Logs. (This is also where the new NSS logs can be found)

Soon you will get the feel of LAMP and be zooming all over for the information that you are looking for.

For ANY topic that you can't find, please email me. As LAMP Members, this site is in existence because of great members and sponsors like you, so please let me know how I can help, and we thank you for you continued support. As you know, we will continue to gather, research, document and present information in any associated field.

If you have any suggestions, comments or criticism, please let me know. Our mission is to preserve and document, so if you see something that we are overlooking, or ways that we can present things better, I really would like to know.


Other Stuff

Here's a place just to goof off when you don't feel like doing anything else


We have a LOT more that has to be added in this section.  

Member News

We started a monthly Members News It was put on hold while we develop Global Cinema.

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This Section is a tutorial section on how to use LAMP tools for research in different areas.

Tutorial #1 - US Reissues
Country ID & dating

Newsletter Archive
When we started LAMP in January 2001, we initially had a type of blog update. This evolved into a newsletter. Here are most of them from over the years. LAMP Newsletter Archive