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This guide will provide short cuts to specific areas of research.

New to research?

Here is our article on "How to Read Your Poster" to give you some basics before you begin. To get general information, such as articles on poster types, condition and grading, etc., go to LAMP and to view hundreds of general articles. If what you are looking for is not in the horizontal navbar at the top of the page, go down the left side until you get to the topical search bar. It will pull any article references, such as Benton Card Co., Globe, trolley cards, Hodkinson, etc.

Standard poster sizes are also in LAMP under the various countries. You can also get general information by going to the LAMP Home Page, look down the left to "Member Entrance". Then go down to the Countries Section and you will see links to information on all major countries.

Research on images are in the MoviePosterDataBase. The advance search gives you hundreds of types of searches on everything from dates, artists, printers, censorship markings, studios and much more. You only need to use the top 2 search sections. The bottom 2 are for finding specific material for sale.


Our main research sites are:

LearnAboutMoviePosters - MoviePosterDataBase - GlobalCinemaResearch

MovieStillID - HollywoodOnTheBayou


Advance Research Guide

Movie Stills

If you are looking for research on movie stills of all types, you can either go to and go through the Research entrance - or if you are on Global Cinema, look on the horizontal navbar under "Special Sections - Production Stills". We have over 46,000 production codes to help identify unknown movie stills and costumes. We also have this information sorted by Director, Studio, and Date. Once you are in the Stills section, use the left navbar for the various areas. NOTE: Our latest book, Production Code Basics, presenting the origins of the codes and how each studio used them is NOT online yet, but scheduled to go online by January 2015.


We need to view International from 3 different directions.

First - you don't know what country the material is from and you want to find out.

We have numerous tools to help with this.

International Poster Size Chart Artists Signature Logs
Country Identification Charts Domain Extension Log
International Printers Chart Stamps and Sticker Logs
Scopes Log  


Second - Country of Origin posters created for OTHER countries. An example of this would be U.S. posters printed for use by Spanish speaking countries. We label this as US-Internationals. Besides the U.S., these can be found from Italy, France, Germany and the UK. Go to the advance search in the MoviePosterDataBase.

Third - International companies that distribute to numerous countries. The primary companies are CIC and UPI.


Major Countries

Below are logs that we have created for specific countries. The list does NOT include information such as expanded country film histories, pioneers, artists, distributors, etc. That information is in the regular and member sections for each country. This is specially created research logs that we have compiled. See individual countries for other information.


Australia - printer logs and info


Belgium -

Belgian Tax Stamp Log - this log shows the changes in the Belgian Tax Stamps to help in dating Belgian reissues from the 30s to the 60s for those post-war problems.

Distributor Logo Log - tracking distributor logos through the years

Printers Log - tracking variations in printer info

Denmark -

Danish Distributors Log - this shows major Danish distributor logos and when they were used and changed. This can help narrow down the year of release

Danish Printers Log - this shows the major printers tags and when they changed. This can help narrow down the year of release.

France -

French Censor Log - (Visa de Censure) log of Censorship Visa numbers that help identify dates of posters starting late 1960. This helps establish the year of release.

French Printers Log - This log tracks the address changes and logo changes of the French Printers. Cross reference the printers log with the Censor log for a LOT higher accuracy on the release date.


Distributor Logo Log - tracking distributor logos through the years

Printers Log - tracking variations in printers info


Japan -

Distributor Logo Log - tracking distributor logos through the years

Eiren Log - tracking Eiren marks

Legends -

          Godzilla - Untangling Godzilla - an indepth chart of all the different Godzilla films and all of their aka's.

UK -

Printers Log - breakdown of the poster printers and their addresses

US -

Besides the massive amount of general information on LAMP, all advance research on U.S. posters has been consolidated on Global. Go to GCR - under "Countries - North America - United States".

Lithographers -

Once in the U.S. section on Global - click on "Printers" - Huge section has Lithographers, Secondary Printers, logo histories, litho plate numbers, and union logos.


National Screen - huge section on NSS

NSS Number Log - (GCR) contains 7 different logs - 4 logs cover 1940-1989. These logs are from our book National Screen Service Poster & Accessories Number Logs. Then combination of logs sorted by distributor and by title. Also available is the 1999 NSS inventory query from 1940-1999 so you can see actual records just before they sold to Technicolor. Go to Global home page - Special Sections - National Screen Service. Once there, use the left navbar.

NSS litigation - (GCR) a chart of the various lawsuits and a summary of the rulings - go to Global home page - under Special Sections - Documents - Litigation

NSS Trailer Logs - (GCR) contains 3 different logs, each with over 15,000 NSS trailer numbers from 1930-1962 sorted by year, distributor or title. These logs are from our book National Screen Service Trailer Logs. Go to Global home page - Special Sections - National Screen Service. Once there, use the left navbar.

Studios -

Logo log that tracks the studio logo on the posters for any changes to date when those changes took place. Cross-referenced with the litho plate numbers, this helps establish release dates and helps to identify reissues.
20th Century Fox
United Artists


Warner Brothers



Here are a few tutorial articles that may be of help.

Research Notes - Reissues

Research Notes - Country ID and dating

We started sending out newsletters in 2001. Here is a link to our newsletter archive to view our newsletters over the years. These contain many articles and situations that impacted the industry over the years. Here are a couple of specific newsletters that contained specific tutorials.

August 2013 - Article on identifying fund-raising posters

November 2012 - Identifying reissues by union bugs - continuation pt. 2

December 2011 - Identifying reissues by union bugs - continuation - more research

July 2011 - We win court battle with Warner Bros. dividing posters from film - first introduction to identifying reissues by union bugs

June 2011 - We win court battle with Fleischer on division of posters from film.

February 2011 - Identifying Zanart

August 2008 - Hammer Quad reproduction update

August 2007 - Hammer Quad reproductions identified

Report on movie poster fakes

We have a lot more reports over the years that we will add as we get a chance.



The Silent Studio Directory has been removed as we are currently working on an expanded printed version that is scheduled for release January 2015 with over 3000 distributors and production companies around the world.



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