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The film poster and accessory industry has no single repository of information ANYWHERE in the world. Small amounts of information are scattered in literally thousands of locations. Consequently, to do any type of legitimate research is such an unbelievable nightmare that it is usually abandoned and left to guess work.

Since 1997, when we wrote the first reference book on the hobby, we have strived to build that repository. Since a lot of the documentation no longer exists, we are having to work backwards and RECREATE that documentation.... section by section.columns

To get an idea of what we're talking about.. think of the Greek Parthenon... To hold up the structure, they used lines of columns all the way around the building. With ALL the columns in place, the structure is strong and reliable. If one side isn't there, or if there are columns missing, the structure has weaknesses and becomes shaky and unreliable.

Now, to build this structure of poster documentation, EACH column has to be put in place ONE AT A TIME. Think of each column as a particular type of information... THEN, you have to approach EACH section of documentation to make it strong enough to be valid and subject to scrutiny. Here are the sections that we have been working on:

*Stills production codes
*Stills archives
*Lithographers/Printers info
*Lithographer logos
*Lithographer plate numbers
*Artists signatures
*Artists filmography
*International printer addresses

*Distributor & Studio histories
*Distributor & Studio logos
*Contracts and legal documents
*NSS (or independent) histories X
*NSS poster & trailer logs X
*Release and reissue data
*Censorship data
*Censorship stamps and seals
*Scopes & other filming data
*Reissue markings
*Reprint & commercial info
*Fakes and Fraud information
*Accessories for each release
*ALL TYPES of add'l information

AND ..... We have built the ONLY Fully Searchable, Cross-referenced MASTER DATABASE
so researchers can locate, verify and expand the information - with 100,000 posters online.

We know that we are attacking an impossible situation, especially on a world wide level. BUT, we will make every effort to continually improve and increase the availability of the documentation needed. We know that it may get frustrating to have continuous changes and additions, but unfortunately, they are necessary. We thank you for your patience and support while we try to create the repository needed.

You can jump to the section that you need:

 General Member Area


 New Member Area


 LAMP Books

General Member Areas

With over 200,000 pages of information online, this section DOES NOT IN ANY WAY present all the information that we have available for you. This area is just to try to POINT you to the right section to GET TO the information that you're looking for. We have also created numerous tools to help you sorr the information, such as the Log of Logs and International Sections.
If you do a LOT of research, please contact me and I'll try to help all I can

Members Welcome Area & News - This is for new members and gives a basic breakdown of how LAMP works. There are also previous Member News letters with tips that can help and other helpful hints
Movie Poster Data Base - This massive specially-designed archive has over 100,000 (and growing) cross-referenced posters for research. In addition, we have an advanced search section with 1000s of search parameters to help date distributors, artists, markings, printers, etc. Also in the archive are links to videos; DVDs; items for sale; special data and much, much more. For members, we have over 18,000 Xtra large images; plus we have been adding LAMP Notes for behind the scenes documents, trivia and information
Countries - Each major country has its own Member area with special information such as expanded history; markings; censorship information, artists, etc. This is the list so you can go directly to individual countries Member areas. We now have it in chart form....
International - This is for research dealing with multiple country material, such as Country Domain Extensions; Country Identification Charts; Poster Artist Signature Logs; International Poster Size Charts, etc. and we are also beginning to cover areas like international distributors such as CIC and UPI.
Log of Logs - We've compiled and created so many different types of logs in so many different areas that we were asked to create ONE place just to list all the different specialty logs just for convenience. We have dozens of different logs on areas such as NSS; Production Codes; logos; stamps; French printers; French Visa-de-censure numbers; Belgian censor stamps; Japanese Eiren marks; etc.
Poster Repair - This section covers a variety of problems and defects in handling posters and gives advice on how to do MINOR poster repairs.
Poster Artists - We have compiled a new Artist Master List to help with artist identification. This new list has artist signatures, links into the archive to see the posters AND links to each country artists lists.

Silent Studio Directory - We have removed this section because it has been publiched under the title "The Silent Studio Directory" and contains over 2000 silent production and distribution companies worldwide. Information includes principles, addresses, time frames, logos, etc. This directory was produced entirely from FILM ACCESSORIES and will be available for you to read soon in your Member Book Area.

Eastman Kodak Date Codes - We have a chart for our film buffs to help date Eastman Kodak and Dupont film. Temporarily offline while we move this section. Contact me for any info until we get it back online.
Intermission - This is a special areas that we're creating to go to when your brain doesn't want to work. We're compiling jokes; funny photos; games; all types of fun things to waste time on.
Members Bookstore - This is NOT the area to read LAMP books. This area is for members who want to buy a LAMP book. Members get 25% OFF all LAMP books so we've created your own bookstore just to make sure that you receive your discount.


Research Tutorials

Here is an article that was created as a giveaway for one of our shows. It was popular enough that we included it in our Learn About International Movie Posters book - called How to Read Your Poster

Please let me know any comments or suggests.

1. Research1
2. Country ID & dating



Global Cinema Research

We are consolidating topical information into a more inclusive and presentation format on our New Member Area. We currently have numerous major sections already online such as:

Production Stills Section; National Screen Service Section; U.S. Sections; Belgian Sections; our research books are all available online.. and LOTS more. Just click on the banner and look around.


NOTICE: to help with your research, we are trying to consolidate all of the online information that we have on a specific country into a presentation format. As we do so, we are moving the consolidated section to our advance research site (

We are designing each Member area on MAJOR countries as a framework to continually add more information. In addition, our archive is an additional information source to search for distributors, artists, markings, printers etc. as we continue to cross link and compile more data. To help you we have created a new format for our countries to try to put more information at your fingertips..

For archive research go the archive and then to Advanced Search area. Here you will also find research on the smaller countries that are not listed here. (We have 119 countries that we are tracking information on)

The following chart of countries is divided like this:

Films that we have documented in the archive for that country.* means that the films are listed under more than one country name, go to the archive for additional searches.

Posters that we have documented in the archive from that country.

The regular article section on that country.

The member area on that country with advance research information.


Regular Section
Member Section


Member Section
Czech Republic
Member Section
Hong Kong
Regular Section
Regular Section
Member Section
New Zealand
South Africa
Regular Section
Regular Section
Member Section
Regular Section
Member Section
Member Section


If you can not find the information that you are looking for, please let us know and we'll try to help you. What is online is just a VERY TINY portion of the information that NEEDS to be available. But, unfortunately, it takes time, organization and man power to get this online and we're going as fast as we can.

Films that we have documented in the archive for that country.* means that the films are listed under more than one country name, go to the archive for additional searches.

As for poster information, we have another 300-400,000 poster images on hand and access to several million more.


Film Accessory Reference books by Ed & Susan Poole

1. Collecting Movie Posters - 1997 - first reference book on the hobby - published by MacFarland publishers - MacFarland still retains distribution

2. Learn About Movie Posters - 2002 - expanded reference book on the hobby - published by Iguide Publications -

3. LAMP Dealers Market - 2007 - experimental 800 page book that was a compilation of 60,000 prices from LAMP Dealers around the world. only edition released and now available only on LAMP

4. U.S. Movie Studio Production Code Book - 2007 - first compilation of 18,000 production codes on 13 major U.S. studios with studio histories and analysis of the codes - retired

5. U.S. Movie Studio Production Code Book - 2008 - expanded edition to 22,000 codes plus addition of indexing to cross reference the codes. retired

6. Legality of U.S. Movie Posters - 2008 - based on research as expert witness in 4 major trials involving the movie studios and posters. It includes the production process for making lobby cards and posters and examines the taging process and takeover of National Screen Service for U.S. distribution. retired for updating and now available only on LAMP advance.

7. Learn About International Movie Posters - 2008 - breakdown of 38 countries with country film histories, poster information, markings, censorship, poster artists and more. Still available in LAMP bookstore and only one of it's kind

8. Movie Studio Production Codes - 2009 - complete re-format by eliminating histories and indexes and presenting codes in numeric or alphabetical formats - combination of earlier production codes plus expansion to 25,000 codes with addition of minor and multi-country studios. - retired

9. National Screen Service Trailer Logs - 2009 - compilation of 15,000 NSS trailer codes from 1930-1962 for trailer identification and title release information. still available in LAMP bookstore

10. National Screen Service Poster & Accessory Number Log - 2010 - history of National Screen Service and compilation of 25,000 NSS poster numbers from 1940-1999. available in the member section and LAMP bookstore

11. Movie Still Identification Book - 2011 - rename (previously the Movie Studio Production Code Book) and expansion with additional codes and addition of 5000 portrait codes to total 32,000 codes with more guides and explanations. available in member section and LAMP bookstore

12. Hollywood on the Bayou - 2011 - experimental specialized book on the state of Louisiana documenting 1170 films made in or about Louisiana. This was not done through LAMP and only released locally by Hollywood on the Bayou and Barnes and Noble. retired and replaced by Louisiana Film History

13. Louisiana Film History: Comprehensive Overview Beginning 1896 - 2012 - the first complete history of the film industry of Louisiana. It takes a glimpse of the birth of the movie theater and the major influence Louisiana has had on the film industry through the years.

14. - Movie Still Identification Book - 2013 - Over 45,400 codes to help identify unknown movie production, portrait, studio, series and television stills. This renamed edition replaced the 4 earlier editions (2007, 2008, 2009, 2011) of U.S. and International Production Code books.

15. Crescent City Cinema - 2013 - Since the beginning of film, there has been a love affair between New Orleans and the movie industry. The first seated theater in the United States was opened in New Orleans in July 1896. The first film production company came to New Orleans in 1898 to film Mardi Gras, and film production has been a major part of the city ever since. available on our website and Amazon

16. Production Code Basics - 2014 - For Movie Still Collectors is the first reference book written on how to use movie still production codes to help identify unknown movie stills and costumes. Covers every phase from the initial creation and why they were needed and then, moves through the filming process to show the use of stills through each department. Also included is a breakdown of major studios and different variations each studio used. Explanations are included on the process outside of the major studios and cover such area as states rights, exports, independent studios, distribution, multiple markings and much more

17. Heroine to Hussy: Women in Louisiana Films - 2014 - Heroine to Hussy: Women in Louisiana Films is a look at the female characters through the years and how they were portrayed. Your journey stars with the first feature film produced in Louisiana, Mephisto and the Maiden in 1909 and how a friar gives his soul for 2 hours with the maiden. It countinues through the decades from Evangeline to Jezebel with film synopsis and showing gorgeous full color images of the posters advertising them. We included a special tribute to Louisiana's first lady of film - Leatrice Joy Ziedler. available on our website and Amazon

18. Louisiana Plantations: Real to Reel - 2014 - A history of 38 plantations of Louisiana and the films that have been made there, starting in 1917. available on our website and Amazon

19. Silent Studio Directory - 2015 - The first of its kind research book documenting over 2000 production and distribution studios worldwide during the silent era. Includes principles, addresses, primary information and logos, when available.

20. Movie Still Identification Ultimate Edition - 2015 - Over 50,000 codes to help identify unknown movie production, portrait, studio, series and television stills and costumes. This final renamed edition replaces the 5 earlier editions (2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013) of U.S. and International Production Code books.




As you know, we have now compiled and written 10 specialty research books on the industry (however 2 of these are edition expansions). AND we continue to try to document, preserve and present ALL areas of the industry, with special emphasis on areas that the academic community has overlooked. So, for those who live on the computers (like we do) and don't have any more bookshelf space, as part of your LAMP Membership, we are giving you access to the information from our research books by putting them online in the Member section. Here is a breakdown:


Collecting book Collecting Movie Posters - 1997 MacFarland Publishers - This was the first reference book released on the poster collecting hobby. We do NOT stock this book, because we gave the publisher complete distribution rights. It is only available through MacFarland Publishers. The information in this book is spread through the general information articles online.
LAMP book Learn About Movie Posters - 2002 IGuide Publications - This is a DRASTICALLY expanded general reference book on the hobby. This book covers all the basics... PLUS a lot more. This is available in the bookstore. The information in this book was used as the framework in the LAMP sections online.
LDM LAMP Dealers Market - 2007 LAMP Publications - This was a test of compiling 60,000 posters from around the world with condition; prices; and dealer information. We decided NOT to do any newer releases but will be addressing this online in the near future. This makes an excellent 2007 price guide. This book has been retired and is NOT available in the bookstore. Here it is online for members.
Legality book Legality of U.S. Movie Posters - 2007 LAMP Publications - This is a quick study of the studio tags and copyright of US movie posters. This is available in the bookstore. Here it is online for members.
2008 Code book U.S. Movie Studio Production Codes - 2008 LAMP Publications - This was the first compilation of production codes in book form to help identify unknown production stills. This covers 20,000 production codes from 13 major U.S. studios with a brief history of each studio and a code index to help show which studio used which codes. This book has been retired and is NOT available in the bookstore. Here is the section online
LAIMP book Learn About International Movie Posters - 2009 LAMP Publication - This was a ground breaking book covering 38 major countries around the world with film histories, censorship, markings, artists information and a LOT more. This is available in the bookstore. Here it is online spread in different countries. OR you can read in book form here. Book Intro - Europe - Europe 2 - Middle East - Oceania - Latin America - Asia & Russia - North America - Care - Reference
2009 production code book Movie Studio Production Code Log - 2009 LAMP Publication - This is an expansion of our 2008 book with 25,000 production codes and a different format to expand into minor studios and other countries. This book has been retiried and is NOT available in our bookstore. Here is the section online
NSS Trailer book National Screen Service Trailer Logs - 2009 LAMP Publication - This book covers 15,000 NSS numbers from 1930-1962, which were the years that NSS dominated the movie trailer industry. This book is available in our bookstore. It's located in the NSS Section.
NSS book National Screen Service Posters & Accessories Number Log - 2010 LAMP Publication - This compilation of over 25,000 NSS poster and accessory numbers covers the 50 years (1940-1989) that NSS dominated the accessory industry. This book is available in our bookstore. It's located in the NSS Section. OR, you can read it in book form here.. Book Intro - NSS Numbers
Movie Stills

Movie Stills Identification Book - 2011 LAMP Publication - This is an expansion and title change to our earlier production code books. This edition expands to 32,000 codes and has a new section on Portrait codes. This book is available in our books. Here is the section online Here it is online for our members
Book Intro - Stills Intro - Letters - Numbers - Portrait

Movie Stills have now been moved to and includes the 2013 edition. Production Code Basics is not in this section yet, but it is available to members in the New Member Area - Book Section.



We appreciate your becoming a LAMP Member. Your support allows us to continue to acquire, document, preserve, compile and present more information for your research. There is SOOOO MUCH information that needs documenting before it is lost. If there is any specific research that YOU need help with, please let us know. We have a tremendous amount that is not online yet.

We stand by our motto:

A Little Bigger... A Little Better Each Day... Preserving the Past... For the Future.