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  • Do you like digging for answers?
  • need more advanced information?
  • need sources for your reports?
  • have unknown pieces to look up?
  • need to verify info for investment?
  • your business needs more info?
  • want info you can't find anywhere else

Then you've come to the right place!

3 Things Make Our Research Different

1. Colleges, museums and institutions that do documentation and research are shackled to researching only material that they have in hand in their collections. So if there is any material that is important or pertinent to the research that is NOT in their possession ..... too bad.. This works fine on most topics, but the film industry is far too large for this type of research.

2. We work in reverse of standard academic research. Instead of filling out information on particular film titles and then gradually filling in already KNOWN information, we place a blanket base of titles and then gather the information directly off the old posters and accessories (which in a lot of cases are the only remaining historical documents from the original film release). This allows us to both document that item for preservation purposes AND then compile the information from it and feed it into our specially designed database ( This creates literally THOUSANDS of sortable variations and creates specialized information that YOU WON'T FIND ANYWHERE ELSE.

3. Because we're sponsored by some of the largest auction houses, dealers, collectors and institutions around the world, it gives us access to unlimited amounts of information without the financial burden and time consumption of actually handling and preserving the material. We are only limited by our manpower and time.

Now here is what you will have access to!!!!

You get full access to the Learn About Network, L.L.C. This includes our 3 major research websites: with hundreds of general articles on the industry; with over 100,000 posters documented and dealer connections; and the new LAMP Member Area (under construction). The new Member Area currently has the new Stills Section ( with the only Production Code Database to help identify unknown production stills and costumes, the new Movie Poster Artists section is currently in process and then links to the LAMP Research Area which will moved and updated during the coming year. And, as some lagniappe, we have which is all about Louisiana film material.

We have specialty information such as:

*Over 58,000+ production codes to help identify unknown movie stills (Production Code Database)
* Identifying and dating Stamps and Stickers for verifying originals
* Gathered 1600+ poster artists, many with bios and lists of THOUSANDS of their posters

* Poster Artist Signature Identification Log (updated and going back online Feb. 2019
* Country Identification Charts
* French Visa Censor Log - censorship logs from most major countries
* French Printers Log - printers logs from most major countries
* Japanese Eiren Log
* 1000s of lithography plate numbers
* Lithographers logos.. for time period identification
* NSS number logs with over 15,000 trailers AND 25,000 posters
* Movie Studio logos .. hundreds of studio logos for time period identification

IN ADDITION:We have specialized articles/areas for Members such as:

* Complete filming process from start to poster release
* Identifying codes and studio marks
* Tracking the old Independent Poster Exchanges (and where their posters went)
* An overview of the lawsuit battles between NSS and the Independent Exchanges
* Year by Year breakdown of the theater totals in the US
* Hundreds of vintage trade magazines available to peruse


ALSO - Members get 25% OFF all LAMP Reference Publications. Below is a list of our books and their availability online.

While our Movie Poster DataBase has a massive amount of information and 100,000 posters online, our member area also have access to our Xtra large images (we have over 20,000 already), LAMP Notes with additional research, and our exclusive sort sections with literally thousands of sortable perameters so you can search by unusual oddities such as: Victor Cornelius cards, Filmkeuring stamps, and lots more.

PLUS .. YOU get specialized service... Need more info on a particular title that's not online.... EMAIL US.. we'll help you with your research!!

Here is some comments about our Membership Program:

"Thanks!!!!!!! this is great!!!!!! I believe the industry owes you a lot for this….!!"

D. M. - movie poster collector

"The sheer depth and scope of the website’s content is staggering"

R. D. - academic researcher

"Thank GOODNESS someone is compiling this information!"

B. M. - museum curator


Still have questions? We would really ENJOY giving you a personal tour. We're proud of what we have accomplished so far and would enjoy showing you plus answering any questions. Just email and set up a time


Individual Membership - $60 per YEAR. (equates to $5 per month). This is for one individual, log in and password

Company Membership - $120 per YEAR - This is for companies, auction houses, institutions and businesses. Membership in company name and can have up to 5 different log ins and passwords. contact us for details

Institutional Membership - $240 per YEAR - This is institutions that need access for multiple individuals for processing and cataloguing. Institutions have up to 10 different log in accounts. - contact us for details

Small Library Membership - This is institutions that need access for multiple individuals and are giving access to the public. Libraries have 10 different log in accounts with public passwords. - contact us for details

Special membership - for those that need something different that the above programs - email us

To contact by phone: 504-298-5267 - please remember that we are central time.