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Movie Poster Data Base - When you log into the Archive, you will have access to larger images. We have over 90,000 regular images in the archive. We have been loading Xtra large images for those who need to see the poster a lot closer and already have about 18,000 larger images online. Once you are logged in, if a larger image is available, it will automatically show an icon just below the regular large poster image on that title.

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NOTE: As a special for our Sponsors and Members, if you are doing research or looking for images on certain titles that are not in our archive yet .... email me.. we have several hundred thousand images that are not online yet and I will load all the images that we have immediately at hand for you on that title. Please limit your request to 10 titles or under at a time. Once those are online, then request others.

LAMP Notes: We have laid the foundation to add scans of letters and documents. This allows us the ability to attach scans of behind the scenes letters, Fake Reports and documents about individual film titles (and eventually the trailers of each title). Here are the ones that we have attached so far, but this list is already becoming too laborous to maintain. When you are on a title, the LAMP Note symbol appears by 'Important Info' when we have more member info on that title.

     1916 - Love Thief
     1917 - Silent Lie

              - Yankee Way

     1930 - Dizzy Dishes

     1931 - Dracula
              - Frankenstein

     1932 - Mummy
              - Murders in the Rue Morgue
              - Old Dark House
              - Scarface

     1934 - Black Cat
     1935 - Bride of Frankenstein
              - Raven

    1941 - Maltese Falcon

             - Mummy's Hand
             - Wolf Man
    1942 - Ghost of Frankenstein
             - Mummy's Tomb

    1948 - Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein

    1956 - Ten Commandments
    1959 - Ben Hur

    1964 - My Fair Lady

    1966 - Chelsea Girls

    1980 - Caligula
    1986 - Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer


For more advanced searches, please click on the Advance Search button on the left, just above the search bar. Our special 'Advance Search' perameters are UNLIMITED. We have THOUSANDS of available searches by artists, markings, printers, distributors, countries, sizes, year groupings, etc. etc. etc. . We have created a special tutorial just to show how indepth the searches can be. It takes a few minutes to load but step you through the major process.

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