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Ten Commandments, The (1956)

WELCOME to the LAMP - Movie Poster Data Base   -   The ONLY cross-referenced movie poster research database on the internet! We have over 189,000 titles with over 90,000 posters online and CROSS-REFERENCED with 1000s of articles on all associated topics, 1000s of poster artists, info on all major countries. There are over 60,000 posters FOR SALE through reputable dealers! A Bookstore with advance research books available. Membership available with all types of advanced research information that you can't find anywhere else.
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Movie & Studio Info: More information about Ten Commandments, The visit the World Movie Database Release Info:
Drama | Family
Production - Distribution - Suppliers:
Distribution: Paramount [US]
Production: Paramount [US]

Important Info: 
Country of Origin:
United States
Release History (and aka's):
Ten Commandments, The  (1956) This is the original release of this movie This release of the movie has posters in the database

Reissued: US 1958, 1960, 1966, 1972, 1989 Aus 1972 Ger 1963, 1972 It 1962 Jap 1967, 1972 Fr 1982 Span 1970 UK 1966
Cast Info: Misc Info and Trivia
Name Character
Cecil B. DeMille   Director
No additional information available.
Material Released - Image Archive
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Picture Material by Country For Sale
United States
  30 x 40 -1972 Rerelease (1972)
  40 x 60 -1972 Rerelease (1972)
  Half Sheet - Style A (1956)
  Half Sheet - Style B (1956)
  Half Sheet -1966 Rerelease (1966)
  Half Sheet -1972 Rerelease (1972)
  Insert Poster (1956)
  Insert Poster -1972 Rerelease (1972)
  Lobby Card Set (1956)
  Lobby Card Set - 1960 Rerelease (1960)
  Lobby Card Set - 1966 Rerelease (1966)
  Mini Lobby Card Set (1956)
  Mini Lobby Card Set
1966 Rerelease (1966)

  Mini Lobby Card Set
1972 Rerelease (1972)

  One Sheet - Style A (1956)
  One Sheet - Style B (1956)
One or more dealers currently have this poster for sale 
  One Sheet -1958 Rerelease (1958)
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