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We have the following articles for our LAMP Members:

Expanded Film History

Printers - we have gather printer information to help you date

Film Distribution Companies - we have started a list but it needs updating.

Film Production Companies - we have started a list but we have a lot more to add.

Poster Artists - we have lists of the posters that we have compiled for each artists so far, plus their signature.

Poster Artist Identification chart - we are compiling the signatures to help with your identification of the artist.


We also have a tremendous amount of additional information that we eventually plan to put into the Australian Member area. As a LAMP Member, you can contact me direct and I'll be glad to supply you with any info that we have on specific areas... As an example, here are some of the areas that we're planning to put online as soon as we can.

List of Silent Studios from Australia and their address from the 1933 World Film Encyclopedia

Official Stats of Australian film industry - we have the years 1970, 1980, 1993, 1994, 2004 +

Brief bios on over 1000 silent film stars worldwide

Hundreds of historical articles from the mid 1890s to 2000. We will be attaching these in various places such as artist obituaries attached to the particular artist page.


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