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The term 'still' is an over used and quite often misunderstood term used in our hobby. This generic reference is equivalent to saying the word 'poster' without giving any indication of commercial, theatrical, style, type and any other description to narrow down the parameters.

The term is actually a 20th century term that became a variant of photography to indicate the difference between 'still' photography meaning a single photograph versus motion pictures.

The use of the word 'stills' in our hobby refers to a group of different type of stills used in the production and presentation of films, thus eliminating a vast variety of other stills.

The 'still' is basically the 'unsung hero' and backbone of the film industry, but gets very little attention. It is overlooked and thought of as a minor collectible, but in reality, the hobby owes EVERYTHING to 'the still'. Without it..... there would basically be no hobby.

The film industry in most countries utilize the still in the same way with slight variations, so we will step through the US filming industry because of it's size and more available documentation.

In the US film industry, stills can primarily be broken down into 4 categories: pre-production; production; publicity; and press stills. To take a closer look and see why the 'still' is so important, we have several articles for you:

Different types of production stills

Importance of the still - a step through the filming process with stills

Press Stills

Use of Production Numbers

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Introduction to Production Logs

US Movie Studio Production Logs:

20th Century Fox - Letters - 20th Century Fox - Numbers



Fox Pictures - Letters - Fox Pictures - Numbers

Goldwyn Picture - see MGM

Grand National

Metro Goldwyn - see MGM

MGM Shorts - Letters - MGM Shorts - Numbers - MGM Numbers

Monogram - Letters - Monogram - Numbers (includes Allied Artists)

Paramount - Letters - Paramount - Numbers



RKO - Letters - RKO - Numbers

Universal - Letters - Universal - Numbers

Warner Bros. - Letters - Warner Bros. - Numbers


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