New Reference Sections or Additions


The past month has been fairly regular as for as our normal expansion. We added about 1000 images to the image archive, added several hundred NSS numbers, added a couple of dozen artists and numerous artist entries and updated numerous articles. OUTSIDE OF THAT....
We have several NEW areas for you to take a look at this month..

Australian Printers - this is in the Australian country site (of course). We have expanded the section and added new information.. such as clips showing when the printer changes occurred... and which printer handled which studio... of particular interest is the printer change for M.A.P.S. - this can help show older M.A.P.S. releases from newer reissues.

Australian Artists - another area that you might want to glance at... We expanded the Australian Artist section and started a new chart for John Richardson. Nothing earth shattering... but hopefully of interest to those that like this area.

We also have 2 new reference areas in the Members Only Section.... You must be logged in to see these articles. If you aren't a LAMP Member, here is more information. These areas are marked by our Member logo:

1. French Censor Log - This should be of major interest to all French poster collectors. Starting in late 1960 French posters were issued a censor number. The numbers are consecutive making it easy to date the poster. This log will help date issues and reissues of French posters between 1960-1988.

2. Production Still Log - For collectors of press stills, we have production logs showing the production numbers and codes for 14 studios to help identify unknown stills by production number on the still. We have just put the codes online for AIP. Other studios will follow.

In the Member section, you can keep up with the additions in the Advanced Research Log that shows all Member articles as we add them.