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House of the Tolling Bell - Dir: Blackton. Cast: Mc Avoy. Horror set in Louisiana.

Romantic Adventuress - Famous Players Lasky Corp. Dir: Knoles; Cast: Dalton, Meredith. Drama with some scenes set in New Orleans.

Sporting Duchess, The - Vitagraph. Dir: Terwilliger; Cast: Joyce, Marmont.  Drama with racing scenes filmed in New Orleans.
White Youth - Universal. Dir: Dawn; Cast: Roberts, Hollingsworth.  Drama filmed in New Orleans and other areas of Louisiana.

Youthful Folly - Dir: Crosland. Cast: Thomas. Partially filmed in New Orleans



Love’s Plaything - Radin Pictures. Dir: Coyle; Cast: Cavanaugh, Collinge.  Drama set during Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

Millionaire for a Day (a/k/a Oil) - Pioneer Film. Dir: North; Cast: Empey, Burkhardt.  Comedy filmed in Homer and Shreveport.

Thunderclap - Fox Film. Dir: Stanton; Cast: Carr; Sherry. Horse racing drama filmed in Louisiana.

Unwilling Hero, An - Goldwyn Pictures. Dir: Badget; Cast: Rogers, Malone.  Comedy-drama with location scenes shot in New Orleans.



Fair Lady - Bennett Pictures. Dir: Webb; Cast: Blythe, Hall.  Drama partially set in New Orleans.

Thorns and Orange Blossoms - Preferred Pictures. Dir:  Gasnier; Cast:  Taylor, Harlan.  Romantic drama partially set in New Orleans.



Cameo Kirby 1923

Cameo Kirby - 1923

Fox Film. Dir: Ford; Cast: Gilbert, Olmstead.  Drama with stock Mardi Gras footage from New Orleans. 

Ghost City - Universal. 15 Chapter SerialDir: Marchant; Cast: Morrison, Morris.  Western serial partially set in New Orleans.

Her Reputation - Associated First National. Dir: Wray; Cast: McAvoy, Hughes.  Drama set on a Louisiana plantation.

Message of Hope, The - Dir: Hale; docu-drama. Filmed in New Orleans to raise funds for Tuberculosis hospital.

White Rose - United Artists. Dir: Griffith; Cast: Marsh, Dempster. Filmed at Shadows-on-the-Teche Plantation with additional scenes filmed in Bayou Teche, Franklin, New Iberia and St. Martinsville. Golden Poster print available on this title.



Circe the Enchantress

Circe the Enchantress - 1924

Tiffany Film. Dir: Leonard; Cast: Murray, Kirkwood.  Drama with scenes set in New Orleans.


Prohibition? - New Orleans Feature Film Co. Dir: Peacock; Cast: Glass, Furlong. Drama filmed in New Orleans, including City Park, Audubon Park, Canal Street and the McFadden residence.

Youth’s Romance - Included on list of the Louisiana Film Commission. Undoubtedly working title and could not verify.



Red Kimono - Vital Exchange. Dir: Lang; Cast: Bonner, Power. Romantic drama with some scenes set in New Orleans.

Scarlet Saint - First National Pictures. Dir: Archainbaud; Cast: Astor, Hughes.  Drama set in New Orleans with the mardi gras scenes and ball from the 1924 mardi gras included.



Eagle of the Sea - Famous Players Lasky Corp. Dir: Lloyd; Cast: Vidor, Cortez.  Adventure of the pirate Jean Lafitte set in New Orleans and filmed in Louisiana.

God Gave Me Twenty Cents - Dir:  Brenon; Cast: Moran, de Putti.  Drama set at Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

Pals First - Famous Players Lasky Corp. Dir: Carewe; Cast: Hughes; Del Rio.  Romantic drama set in Louisiana.

Sparrows - Dir: Beaudine; Cast: Pickford, Stewart; Drama with some exterior scenes shot in Louisiana. Golden Poster print available on this title.



Ladybird, The - Chadwick Pictures. Dir: Lang; Cast: Compson, McGregor.  Drama set in New Orleans.

Love Mart (a/k/a) Louisiana - First National Pictures. Dir: Fitzmaurice; Cast:  Dove, Roland.  Drama filmed and set in New Orleans.

When a Man Loves - Warner Bros. - Dir: Crosland; Cast: Barrymore, Costello, Oland; Drama partially set in New Orleans.



Broken MaskBroken Mask - 1928

Anchor Film.  Dir: Hogan; Cast: Landis, Bedford. Drama set in New Orleans.


Devil’s Skipper - Tiffany-Stahl.  Dir: Adolfi; Cast: Bennett, Love. Drama set in Louisiana.  

Love Shy - Paramount - Partially filmed in New Orleans

Uncle Tom's Cabin - Universal. Dir: Pollard; Cast: Lowe, Grey. Stowe adaptation partially set in New Orleans. Golden Poster print available on this title.



Evangeline - United Artists. Dir: Carewe; Cast: Del Rio; Drew. Drama partially filmed at Lake Catahoula and St. Martinville. Golden Poster print available on this title.

Hardboiled Rose - Warner Bros. Dir: Weight; Cast: Loy, Collier. Drama set in New Orleans.

New Orleans - Tiffany-Stahl. Dir: Barker; Cast: Cortez, Collier. Drama set in New Orleans.



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